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SiteApex 9.23 Calendar Update to remove duplicate month navigation text and improve accessibility. Directory Update to clean up security error checking on Email processing. Form Builder New optional ability for site subscribers to resubscribe to receive newsletters. New "Intro" content editor for Moneris payment display. New email data merge placeholder support for payment related fields. Added more options for User Expiry configuration. Expanded User Expiry date handling. Newsletter Update to trim white space characters from before/after email addresses when
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SiteApex 9.22 Banner Ad Rotator Updates to improve WCAG accessibility. Blog Support for a custom override of the max posts per page blog setting. Updates to improve WCAG accessibility. Calendar Update for Calendar registration event popups to support Google reCaptcha v3. Form Builder Update to restore submitted data in owner notification emails when a payment gateway multi-step process is in use. Indexed Articles Update to improve stability of indexed articles search feature. Job Postings Update to restore pagination on job list links due to
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SiteApex 9.21 Banner Ad Rotator Upgrade to improve the method of tracking clicks on rotator links to improve SEO/Analytics. Updated the ad stats reporting to filter by year. Improved accuracy Ad stats for a specific campaign. Improved accuracy of ad stats logging by preventing logging of bot traffic attempting SQL injection. Directory Enhancement to the maximum limit filtering of categories being presented to visitor. Added support for BCC notifications when a site visitor contacts an owner. Updated the map list to support display of website and contact email forms. Added URL
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