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SiteApex 9.12 Blog Improved the RSS feed Title field in the admin to use clearer text. Updated the Blog template to open "Subscribe to RSS" in a new window. Directory Updated the map to improve display when limiting locations to a specific range around a supplied postal code. ED Tools Data Generator Created exciting new demographics report with three embedded graphs, in responsive HTML, Excel, and PDF formats. Created exciting new education report with two embedded graphs, in responsive HTML, Excel, and PDF formats. Created exciting new labour force report with
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SiteApex 9.11 Banner Ads Updated the rotator to include the text description when an optional link is added to an ad. This means that the whole ad area will be clickable, instead of the background image only. Update to improve accuracy of cropping feature when adding/editing ads. Directory Updated the directory search to allow matching using partial keywords. Form Builder Update to support file upload fields on SiteApex Mobile. Update to restore file upload fields on newer servers. Update to prevent unwanted spam html injection within form responses. Upgrade to
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SiteApex 9.10 Banner Ads Upgrade to indicate to admin users when an active ad blocker is inhibiting use of the module. Blog New automatically generated meta descriptions tailored for each blog post. New ability to customize meta descriptions for individual blog postings and categories. Update to remain on blog page upon logging out. New ability to remove current profile picture in Manage Profile. Form Builder Improved user experience when adding new additional fields. Update to maintain legacy “Processed” status field. Update to clean up interface when
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