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SiteApex 9.6 Banner Ad Rotator Update to resolve text display and formatting issues that occurred when more than six ad rotators coexist on a single page. Added new text animations and settings for "descriptions". Added a new live preview in the ad campaign administration for advanced layout and description animations. BBS Update to ensure posted topics include a title and content. Calendar Update to font styles to improve consistency of plugin styling. Directory Update to restore support for custom basemaps in Diretory maps. Update to restore map pan & zoom features from listings below the map.
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SiteApex 9.5 Calendar New Coming Event plugin features and updates: Added new optional thumbnail display. Added new optional "read more" links. Added event date to individual coming events (default hidden). Improved default design and styles. Update to offer improved support of ecommerce on registration events from mobile devices. Update to ensure calendar event date is set for registration events. ED Tools Data Generator Added support to the manifold based reports to hide fields/sections that do not have values. File Manager Update to display files in the order selected in the Site Map page
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SiteApex 9.4 Banner Ad Rotator Update to remove debug output from admin in specific situation. Update to resolve rare display issue when listing ads in the admin. Blog Update to prevent layout display issues on blog post listings. Calendar New feature to export full event registration form response data. Form Builder New option to export to CSV WITH Notes/Details only when applicable. New Date Picker feature to specify minimum and/or maximum selectable dates. New iATS payment gateway Direct Debit feature. Update to delay and send Thank You email upon confirmation when appropriate. Update to
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