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SiteApex 9.3 Banner Ad Rotator Added additional design hooks to the ad rotator system, allowing each ad to have custom styles applied. Blog Updated templates to restore CSS class definitions to support custom styling. New Feature: you can control length of the Blog displayed when
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SiteApex 9.2 Banner Ad Rotator Update to comply with WCAG accessibility standards. Calendar Update to "spots remaining" calculation when using multi-step payment gateways on registration events. Restored support for displaying events from multiple calendars in the mini-calendar
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SiteApex 9.1 Blog Update to apply new "Posted Date" scheduling feature to the mini blog. Update to restore "Show owner's user name" setting on main blog display. Calendar New Feature: ability to accept public event submissions directly into calendar with approval. New feature to display
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SiteApex 9.0 Banner Ad Rotator New Organize feature brings the ability to easily customize the ordering of ads using familiar drag and drop! New updates to rotator display to utilize the new ordering feature. Added new easy to use layouts, allowing more control over the appearance of ad rotators.
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