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SiteApex 9.17

Banner Ad Rotator

  • Enhancement to treatment of special character handling in file names.
  • Improvements to cropping function within Add/Edit Ad.


  • Update to display of event registration forms within events.


  • Improved error checking for Website hyperlink within directory item.
  • Updated the map to display the "best" icon for each item based on closest category with icon.
  • Update to include a Google Map JavaScript asset over HTTPS.

Form Builder

  • *New* 3rd party payment gateway integration now available for TD Bambora Payments.
  • Added date format validation (yyyy-mm-dd) for date fields, when the field is required.


  • Update to improve anti-spam/abuse measures of the Email A Friend feature.


  • Design update to improve appearance and user experience when signing off on directives.
  • Added optional directive campaign comments that can be displayed to users.
  • Updated signoff export in the administration system.


  • New support for Open Graph meta content for social media platforms to show more detailed cards when sharing links to news articles.
  • Update to replace spaces in photo file names with dashes.

Shopping Cart

  • ^New^ 3rd party payment gateway integration now available for Bambora Payments.
  • ^New^ 3rd party payment gateway integration now available for Elavon Converge.
  • Upgrades to shop cart templates to achieve WCAG Level 3 compliance.
  • New Billing & Shipping information collection interfaces:
    • Design matches form builder’s ability.
    • Responsive
    • New ability to show/hide Shipping fields upon cart checkout.
  • New optional "Product Filter" feature:
    • Ability to assign products to filters
    • Filters shown on search results to narrow down results by product attributes/filters.
    • Support for displaying product filters on product view.
  • Upgrade to defer sending the invoice email until after successful payment on paypal.
  • Upgrades to improve SQL injection security measures.
  • Update to "Import Products And Categories" to prevent script from overwriting every product price with one value.

SiteApex Core

  • Update to restore anchor tag functionality on sites using URL Re-writing.
  • Update to resolve issue with canonical version of index.php when no query string addons are implemented with URL re-writing.
  • Update to Asset Cleanup utility to skip files with spaces for technical reasons.
  • Update to resolve special character issue within Sitemap XML.

Staff List

  • Update to prevent browser caching when switching staff list photos.