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SiteApex 9.20

Banner Ad Rotator

  • Update to allow the outer caption to use HTML contents rather than plain text.
  • Updates to improve WCAG accessibility.


  • Additional upgrade to support the newest server version of PHP.
  • Updated the admin ordering for "same day" events to ascending start times.
  • Updates to improve WCAG accessibility.
  • Added default year/month/day to the View Responses links for events, so that the default will show registrations for that day and not the entire year (useful for recurring events).
  • New Feature - ability to delete event registrations from inside the calendar admin.


  • Update to improve referral click tracking reliability.
  • New Feature - support for KML files now allows basemaps to display various polygons.
  • Update to improve stability for inserting special characters in directory item descriptions.

Form Builder

  • Upgrade to error checking on response Confirmation process.
  • Added title attributes to form fields with "inner labels", for accessibility reasons.


  • Security Enhancement - update to prevent SQL injection attempts on Listings URLs.

Media & Resource Library

  • Update to resolve icon display issues on the "windows classic" view.
  • Update to the “podcast” view to resolve conflict with certain characters in folder image.


  • New Feature - ability to select multiple staff and apply status group to all selected staff in one action.
  • New Feature - automated creation of blank form response record for new professional staff when they load up the form the first time.
  • New push group automation for "Reviewed by Credential Committee".
  • New push group automation for "Reviewed by Department Head".
  • Update to Manage Form Data plugin to use newer form statuses.


  • Updates to improve WCAG accessibility.

New Letters

  • Update internal server files to improve mailer logging to better debug any potential concerns.

Photo Album

  • Updates to improve WCAG accessibility.

Shopping Cart

  • New Feature - Paypal payment gateway upgrade to enhance user experience by automatically sending customers to PayPal without browser ad blocking.
  • Updates to improve stability when duplicating products with certain conditions.

SiteApex Core

  • Asset cleanup utility updated to also search shopping cart product and category editor content.
  • Updated the Open Graph meta content generator to not provide a blank image reference (WCAG accessibility issue).
  • Upgrade to enhance error checking on page edits to support the newest server version of PHP.

SiteApex Editor

  • New ability to have editor use relative font sizing when required.

SiteApex Templates

  • Updates to prevent template styles overriding system functions in Plugin management.

Staff List

  • New data fields Phone Extension, Cell #, and Fax # for staff.
  • Responsive updates to improve the look on mobile devices.