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SiteApex 9.21

Banner Ad Rotator

  • Upgrade to improve the method of tracking clicks on rotator links to improve SEO/Analytics.
  • Updated the ad stats reporting to filter by year.
  • Improved accuracy Ad stats for a specific campaign.
  • Improved accuracy of ad stats logging by preventing logging of bot traffic attempting SQL injection.


  • Enhancement to the maximum limit filtering of categories being presented to visitor.
  • Added support for BCC notifications when a site visitor contacts an owner.
  • Updated the map list to support display of website and contact email forms.
  • Added URL Rewriting support to directories with maps.
  • Enhancement to the logic for maps pins displaying points of interest.
  • Update to restore Website referral tracking.

Form Builder

  • New feature: ability to customize subject/content by merging submitted response data within Form Builder email.
  • New feature: New support for Google reCAPTCHA v3.
  • Upgrades to Orbital Chase Payments to support latest gateway standards.
  • Modernizing upgrades to PayPal Payments Pro payment gateway.
  • Default logic change to stop the interac/etransfer payment type from charging the gateway surcharge fee if setup.
  • Added zip file support for form responses, allowing all attachments to be downloaded together.
  • Added pdf conversion support for form responses, allowing images to be viewed and downloaded as PDF files.
  • New add-on feature: virus scanning of uploaded files. Note: requires project, not recommended except in special cases due to licensing and additional processing time required.


  • Update to ensure URLs pass along listing type filtering in all cases.


  • Update to suppress output when no sub featured news articles are available.
  • Addition of "All Articles" to the page title on the show all news display.

News Letters

  • Enhanced security and error checking of newsletter unsubscribe feature.

Shopping Cart

  • Update to View Cart label when selecting radio button product extension choices.
  • Update to default featured products display.
  • Added support for previous and next buttons in category product pagination.
  • Upgrade to automatically have landing page of shopping cart default to the category view (skips the "home featured" display) when only one category is on the page.
  • Update to correct duplicate "Featured" category wording prefix on front end display.
  • Updated dollar format for Moneris gateway to be able to accept payments from the shopping cart.
  • New feature: Improved alternate product side menu which displays sub-categories under its parent.

SiteApex Core

  • Asset cleanup utility updated to scan CSS files for assets in use.
  • Update to resolve issues in saving selected shopping cart categories and/or product groups when adding pages.
  • Update to the handling of quotes during saving of Draft pages.
  • Improved WCAG 2.0 with removal of tabindex generation from the XCSS menu system.

Staff List

  • Upgrade to improve anti-spam measures on staff contact form.