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SiteApex 9.19

Banner Ad Rotator

  • Improved validation to improve filename formatting.
  • Update to improve Accessibility of rotator controls and images.


  • Upgrade to Post Topic for the elimination of register global variables.


  • Update to auto-generation of map coordinates from address when creating directory items.

Form Builder

  • New payment gateway support for Helcim Payments.
  • Upgrade to iATS payment gateway to use iATS gateway version 2 URL end point.
  • Improved WCAG accessibility.
  • Updated error checking for Bambora payment gateway integration.
  • Update to restore required indicator for payment/donation form fields.

Job Postings

  • Upgrade to enable the editor to run in full access mode.

Media & Resource Library

  • New layout for Podcasts and/or audio series.
  • New ability to include an external link on Library Items.
  • Update to improve handling of hidden root folder.


  • Updated the Directives sign-off export to include professional staff that still need to sign-off.
  • Updates to the "Departmental Review" system to display appropriate messages and attachments in a new "Administrative Notes" section when Department Heads are reviewing staff.
  • New e-Com payment integration for Staff Credentialing.


  • Upgrades to expand the NEW and UPDATED article status features.


  • Update to turn off SMTP keep-alive to prevent hitting limits imposed by third party mail services restricting amount of emails sent in one SMTP connection.

Photo Album

  • Security update to prevent SQL injection attempts on photo album URLs.


  • Update to improve error checking when generating required question features.

Shopping Cart

  • Update to sales tax calculation in complex regional situations.
  • New ‘Additional Text’ product field.
  • Update of Add to Cart function for products which required site visitors to specify product extension choices.

SiteApex Core

  • Update to publisher output display to eliminate listing duplicates.
  • Multiple updates to sitemap xml file generation to improve URLs for News module pages and Directory Listings.
  • Update to improve Accessibility of the default navigation menu (XCSS).