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SiteApex 9.15


  • Optimized the Post Comment captcha display to display appropriately for mobile devices.


  • Update to enable Google reCaptcha spam blocker on event registrations within popups.

Form Builder

  • New support for custom CSV exporters within the Form Builder View Responses area.

Job Postings

  • Update to clean up unwanted characters from displaying in the right column menu when applying to jobs.


  • Update to trim leading/trailing white space when comparing questions and answers to ensure accurate answer checks when a visitor places a space before/after entering a correct answer.

Shopping Cart

  • New feature to provide product category descriptions.
  • New product Active “Yes - Out Of Stock” status to indicate when a product is not currently available but still wish to have it listed (not compatible with inventory system).
  • Update to provide default message on View Cart display when no products exist in the cart.
  • Update to styling of product search autocomplete dropdown results.

SiteApex Editor

  • New major enhancement: SiteApex Editor has been upgraded to include many new features and improvements:
    • Core editor upgrade - Multiple fixes, security patches, and efficiency improvements.
    • New clean flat UI theme.
    • Drag and drop images into editor.
    • Paste images from clipboard.
    • Paste from word improved to occur automatically when pasting content in the editor.
    • Paste from word - Pasting images from word is now supported.
    • Accessibility Checker - Scans content for WCAG Accessibility issues and prompts users to fix issues and/or suggests the necessary action.
    • Improvements to handling images including resize/drag mouse handles to resize/move images and captioned images.
    • Auto Link Website and Email Addresses.
    • Phone Link Type - In the Link dialog box, “Phone” is now an option for type of link.
    • Emojis - New toolbar option to browse and select emojis.
    • Table Properties improved with a new easy way to specify the Header row.
    • Show Blocks - New toolbar option to enable a display mode to indicate HTML element blocks.
    • Source mode now supports code folding (little tiny triangle beside line numbers).

SiteApex Interface

  • New major enhancement: New SiteApex admin layout improvements and features:
    • Admin layout optimized for laptops with smaller displays.
    • Cleaner trimmed layout focuses more attention on the job at hand.
    • New “Edit Profile” icon found in the top right of header bar. When clicked, this shortcut will take you straight to editing your SiteApex User.
    • New “www” icon, when clicked will conveniently open the front end website in a new window.
    • Version number now located underneath logout button.

SiteApex Core

  • New improvements so the SiteApex admin URL address remains as “/admin/” for consistency.

SiteApex Templates

  • Update to ensure the Add/Edit plugin dialog displays on top of any design elements.