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Management System

SiteApex Features

Every SiteApex installation comes with the following features for your convenience:

  • Unlimited pages
  • Ability to add, edit or delete pages anytime from anywhere where there is an internet connection
  • Ability to upload photos, video and files right to your website
  • Preview before publishing
  • Unlimited Administrators
  • Multi-level administration (limit admin access to only certain parts of your site)
  • Ability to update the META description and titles on your site for better Search Engine Optimization
  • Access to phone and email support from our development team
  • A set of base "modules" (see below) to help you get started on your new website
  • Ability to purchase additional modules for your website as you need them
  • Upgrades to the system instantly made available to you as soon as they are released
  • Version control, simply restore a previous version of a page
  • Backups, which allow you to retrieve deleted pages
  • Ability to password-protect pages
  • Dynamic site map

SiteApex Modules

Modules are tools created by SiteApex programmers to increase the functionality of your site. These modules, when added to a page will allow you to do various different things like show pictures to visitors, display events you have listed in a calendar, enable visitors to fill out a contact form so you can receive their information, and many other useful things. SiteApex has a growing list of exciting modules to meet all your needs.

Every SiteApex comes with the following Base Modules:

Add-On Modules

Add-on Modules can be added to your SiteApex system at any time for a one-time set up fee. These include: