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Management System

Bulletin Board

Post a topic and let people share their opinions and experiences. Gather information without having a meeting. Add your comments on your time schedule…securely or anonymously.


  • Threaded Breadcrumb trail style BBS forum layout
  • Post a Topic or submit a Reply to an existing topic
  • Create "BBS Moderators" to manage the posted content
  • Integrated SiteApex Security system, knows who you are when BBS is secured
  • Use Smilies to add some fun and emotion
  • Manage BBS Profile


  • Set different Access Levels to make it totally public allowing anyone on the internet to post a reply or restrict access to site users
  • Optional Bad Word List and Bad Username Lists
  • Moderator ability to Add Topics, Edit or Delete undesired postings
  • Moderator Ability to Disable Smilies, Disable use of html in postings and Hide Signatures for privacy
  • Email Me option to correspond directly with author of previous postings
  • View Profile to see author profile including when they joined, their participation level, where they are from, occupation and interests