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Media & Resource Library

The Media & Resource Library is designed for online document and media sharing and collaboration, with the ability to create categories and files, to assign access and editing permissions. It shows who has a file checked out for editing, and when it's been checked back in.


  • Front end admin allows you to upload and manage files right on the page
  • Create unlimited libraries
  • Create unlimited folders to keep your files organized
  • Upload unlimited files
  • All file types can be uploaded
  • Choose from different layouts to display your files or videos the way you want
  • Choose from different colour themes to match your site
  • Multiple levels of access allow you to limit who can upload and download files
  • Tracks which logged in user has downloaded each file
  • Podcast option allows users to subscribe to your "channel" via RSS technology

Supported File FormatsPreferred Formats:

  • flv
  • mp3  (cbr & vbr, common bit rates)
  • mp4  (h.264)

Other Supported Formats:


  • avi
  • mov
  • mpg
  • qt
  • ra
  • ram
  • rm
  • wav
  • wmv


The preferred formats are web-optimized. The other supported formats are not all optimized for modern web usage, and in some cases require optional software installs or browser plugins. As well, the codac used for other formats may not be supported... in other words, the avi format is supported but not every avi will stream to every site user.

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