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Management System

Ad Manager

Manage and track ads in your website.

Rotator Sample
Above: Our ad manager in use on



  • Create unlimited Campaigns
  • Add unlimited Ads per campaign
  • Integrated SiteApex Security allows assignment of the Ad to an "owner" for communication and reporting
  • Customized Ad size based on your website design
  • Types of files supported: JPG, GIF, PNG, HTML
  • Make your Ad "clickable"! Simply provide it a Link
  • For improved Search Engine rankings specify "Alt Text" value for Ad
  • Display multiple ads from the same campaign on a page (most often used for sponsor logos)

Publishing Controls

  • Activate Ad Flag: Yes or No - to disable an ad without removing it
  • Display as a single ad or as a list (multiple ads from the same campaign)
  • If there is more than one ad in a campaign, ads will be displayed at random each time the page is refreshed
  • Choose to have an ad expire after a set period of time using the Start Date and End Date
  • Choose to have an ad expire after a set number of views
  • Choose to have ads rotate through all the ads in the campaign (rather than randomly pull a new ad on each page view) and set the display and transition times
  • Set the order for rotating ads using the description field (sorts alphabetically)
  • Animate the Description text boxes on ads to "fly in" or "fly out" when ad is displaying.


  • Stats Tracking of Views, Clicks and Click % by Campaign or by individual
  • Filtered reporting by month
  • Detailed Ad report for Today, Past Week, Current Month and current Year to date
  • Export data to Excel for further analysis and portability
  • Email reports directly to the Ad Owner