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SiteApex 10.0 Major Release

Admin Login

  • All new redesigned login screen.
  • Interface built using new templated architecture which greatly improves upgradeability and maintainability.
  • Sliding field labels and clean styling provides a fresh modern user experience.

Admin Architecture

  • New engine for building the core admin interface.
  • Core interface now uses a templated display which greatly improves upgradeability and maintainability. Accessing core UI design of SiteApex is now very accessible for our designers to work with directly.
  • Transition from frameset - SiteApex 9 and previous was built using an older HTML3 frameset architecture which severely limits mobile considerations and inclusion of modern UI features. In SiteApex 10 using the latest CSS grid and flexbox solutions, we can now overlay displays on the entire interface to pave the way for more modern features and future improvements.
  • New URL routing architecture to provide modern and professional looking admin URLs.
  • New "Slide out" overlay utility. This utility can be called from anywhere in SiteApex to instantiate a slide out frame/content to handle secondary functionality while keeping your original place in the main display. Ex: Publishing the sitemap now happens in the slide out utility rather than a dedicated full screen interface.
  • New headings and top level buttons system to provide consistent indication of admin location and intuitive access to key actions.
  • Elimination of low value admin landing pages to increase efficiency.

Admin Navigation

  • New navigation menu design and structure while retaining familiar admin sections.
  • New home "smart menu" will display current modules in use to provide convenient access to frequently used modules directly on the admin home menu.
  • Improved usability and convenience.
  • Collapse or pinnable navigation menu to provide more working area width when needed. When the navigation menu is collapsed it can be accessed by hovering over the minimized menu display.
  • Navigating around SiteApex 10 is crisp and more efficient to access important features.

Admin Top Bar

  • Ability to visit the front end of the website, access support materials.
  • New flyout profile menu (top right) for accessing Edit Profile and Logout options.
  • New display of user profile image or initials.

Admin User Experience

  • All new modernized look and feel (CSS) with consistent display elements/concepts.
  • New SiteApex brand default colour scheme.
  • Replaced old modal style popups with new slide out utility.
  • Improved user experience on the following modules (more to come in follow up launches):
    • Ads
    • BBS
    • Blog
    • Calendar
    • Directories
    • Form Builder
    • Media & Resource Library
    • News
    • News Letters
    • Photo Albums
    • Staff List

Admin Site Map Interface / Features

  • All new modernized look and feel optimized to make use of full browser width.
  • Interface built using new templated architecture which greatly improves upgradeability and maintainability.
  • New Status indication display to intuitively indicate the page's visibility on site and if a publish is required.
  • New indication of when a page is secured.
  • New indication of when a page uses an Alternative URL.
  • New display of page type.
  • New display of Last Modified. This is not the date of last edited, but last modified. In certain situations when editing a parent page and making a change, it can impact the last modified date for child pages. For example: making a Section/Category secured.
  • New ability for Publisher to open and run in the new slide out utility providing convenient and speedy access to publishing the site, while not navigating away from the SiteMap display.
  • After adding or editing a page, there are now some convenience options to "view page in site map", view page in new tab, and edit the page again. The "view page in site map" feature will auto expand the site map (if necessary) and highlight the page in question.
  • New ability to copy the live URL of a page.
  • New ability to jump straight to the associated module's key area by clicking the icon next to the Page Type.
  • New "No Index / No Follow" toggle feature to ask search engines not to crawl or index the page. Toggling this feature on for hidden utility pages can help improve SEO ranking by ensuring search engines have a saturated picture of the site's content.

Admin Site Map Add/Edit Section/Category/Page

  • Re-organized PHP code behind the scenes for greater maintainability.
  • New clean tabbed display.
  • More convenient access to Save, Cancel, Preview options.


  • Update to make admin events filter go back a couple extra years.
  • Update to coming events plugin to specify the event date in the URL. This is required when viewing events in certain methods.


  • Added support for producing Open Graph meta tags for blog post pages to improve the accuracy and quality of social media cards.

Shopping Cart

  • Fixed an issue that prevented orders from being marked "Paid" after successful processing of a payment.
  • Administration fix to retain the product menu order when editing the page, instead of reversing the order on every edit.
  • Updated return to last product viewed, from the Cart, instead of return to the last product category.
  • Updated product options, allowing for optional images to be added for each radio-button option. This will be more useful for colour and pattern differences, and less useful when options indicate something like "size".