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SiteApex 9.24

Form Builder

  • New payment gateway support for Square.
  • New ability to print selected form responses.
  • Minor update to provide additional error checking for currency formatting.
  • Update to improve numerical calculation error checking in specific circumstances.
  • Update to improve error checking when using multi choice additional fields.
  • Minor date calculation update for "Add x Year" expiry options.
  • Added custom support for attaching previously uploaded files to responses.
  • Update to reinstate support for the Form Builder Thank You Page Redirect feature.

Media & Resource Library

  • Added error checking to ensure output buffering is not active when downloading library files.
  • Update to improve security against injection attacks.

News Manager

  • Updates to improve SEO standards for mini news plugin article view.

People Directory

  • Updates to improve spam prevention and security.

Projects Module

  • New description editor field for Locations.

Shopping Cart

  • Updates to cleanup unwanted characters from generated HTML.
  • Update to resolve issue causing incorrect invoice # to be displayed in a specific circumstance.
  • Added the shipping method to the View Order display.

SiteApex Asset Manager

  • Update to Asset Cleanup utility to show file sizes and total summary size of files listed.
  • New Largest Files report to help identify any long forgotten large files which may be taking up disk space.

SiteApex Security

  • Update to make User Names detected to be an email address treated as case insensitive.
  • New text display on login interface when an invalid login attempted.
  • New text display on login interface when a logged in user does not have permission to access an area.
  • New Multi-Site Sign-on feature available upon request. This feature provides the ability to log in to SiteApex once then automatically log you in among other configured SiteApex sites sharing the same main domain name.
  • Update to skip password strength validation when editing a user and the password is not being altered.

Update Profile

  • Updated display to better inherit site template styles.