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SiteApex 9.23


  • Update to remove duplicate month navigation text and improve accessibility.


  • Update to clean up security error checking on Email processing.

Form Builder

  • New optional ability for site subscribers to resubscribe to receive newsletters.
  • New "Intro" content editor for Moneris payment display.
  • New email data merge placeholder support for payment related fields.
  • Added more options for User Expiry configuration.
  • Expanded User Expiry date handling.


  • Update to trim white space characters from before/after email addresses when sending a newsletter.

Shopping Cart

  • New ability to track and display the selected Payment Type for an order.
  • Added the shipping method to the View Order list.
  • Update to resolve tax calculation issue on the Customer Date Range Report.
  • Added support for Square payment gateway.

Site Search

  • New redesigned search results display:
    • All new HTML/CSS to better adopt the site's styles.
    • Modern looking results to more resemble modern search engines.
    • Added logic so the content "blurb" doesn't always start on a matched term/word.
    • Modernized pagination controls at the bottom of results.
    • New optional display of the source's last modified date.
  • New search bar utility to allow the user to alter/clear their search term and search again.
  • New advanced filter controls to filter results by content source (Pages, Blog, News etc), as well as by the source date. The source filter works dynamically to only show options applicable to the results for the current search term.
  • New Site Search settings located in SiteApex admin > Control Panel > Settings:
    • Search Sources - checkbox on/off control to enable/disable sources for the site search.
    • Include Referenced Pages - Yes/No option to include SiteMap pages marked as "referenced" (default Yes).
    • Enable Advanced Filtering - Yes/No option to display the "Any Source" and "Any Date" advanced filtering options.
      • Filter By Search Sources - Individually control ability to filter by source.
      • Filter By Date - Individually control ability to filter by date.
    • Display Dates - Yes/No option to show the source date at the start of the result blurb.
    • # Results Per Page
    • Results Blurb Length
  • Updated the scoring for multi-term searches where a source page will score higher if more than one term is found.

SiteApex Core

  • New feature to configure redirects when an expired user logs in on a specific page.

SiteApex Results

  • Update to resolve Google Analytics set up issue.

Staff List

  • Updated the "Contact me" interface to display staff member details.