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SiteApex 9.9


  • Update to default new blog posts to the current date for Posting Date when none is selected.


  • New enhancement: New updated design for the Mini Calendar plugin.


  • Improved coordinate generation for incomplete addresses in the business directory.

Form Builder

  • Upgrade to handle file attachment downloading on new iOS devices.
  • Update to restore Next/Previous buttons when page breaks are in use with tabs turned off.


  • Update to new listing creation to ensure agent to listing association is working in all conditions.


  • Update to display the credentialing form "thank you" message from formbuilder upon final submit.
  • Updated Dashboard to suppress divide by 0 warning message when no staff for department head.
  • Update to date picker fields to function within the Edit Form response.
  • Update to display filename when a File Upload field has a previous file uploaded on Edit Form response.

SiteApex Security

  • New major enhancement: SiteApex will automatically secure individual asset files when they are used in page or module contents and those contents are accessible on a secure page. Direct linking to secured asset files will be denied, accessible via the logged in page.