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SiteApex 9.10

Banner Ads

  • Upgrade to indicate to admin users when an active ad blocker is inhibiting use of the module.


  • New automatically generated meta descriptions tailored for each blog post.
  • New ability to customize meta descriptions for individual blog postings and categories.
  • Update to remain on blog page upon logging out.
  • New ability to remove current profile picture in Manage Profile.

Form Builder

  • Improved user experience when adding new additional fields.
  • Update to maintain legacy “Processed” status field.
  • Update to clean up interface when attempting unauthorized access to the form previewer.
  • Update to restore owner notification emails in the “manage form data” plugin.


  • **New Feature**: Photo uploader tool.
    • Flash free - so it will work in all browsers by default without requiring extra steps to allow Flash.
    • Queue management with thumbnail and file size previews.
    • Real time upload progress visualization.
  • Updated "add a listing" to remove "required field" indication from the start and end dates.
  • Updated "add a listing" to remove a duplicate "Sales Description" label.
  • Updated the listings admin to improve layout.
  • Updated "add a listing" to include the option to create "inactive" listings.
  • Updated the interface to improve display for all browsers.


  • New automatically generated meta descriptions tailored for each news article.
  • New ability to customize meta descriptions for individual news articles.
  • Update to resize featured news photo by width instead of height.
  • Improved user experience on News Feed delete confirmation.

Photo Album

  • Update to provide better control of thumbnail positioning (default: center).

  • Update to CSS classes for photo album titles with one album is on the page.


  • Updates to projects plugin to comply with current form statuses.

SiteApex Core

  • Updates to restrict adding a page when there is no valid category selected.

SiteApex Editor

  • Upgrade to reduce cache time on Internal Links popup list.

SiteApex Results

  • Update to date filtering on List SEO Work Performed ensuring complete display.

SiteApex Templates

  • New ability to copy plugins when cloning templates.
  • Added support images for custom accordion functionality (show/hide toggle).

Site Search

  • **New Feature**: Prioritize which content source you want visitors to see in search results. Search term matches within the selected content source will receive a higher ranking.
    • This feature is available in Control Panel > Settings > Site Search.
  • New enhancements to improve the quality of search results.
  • Update to default Site Search Plugin to prevent search submissions when no term has been entered.
  • Upgrade to Site Search Results allowing the ability to delete log entries.
  • Search submissions with blank search text will no longer be recorded.
  • Update to add Site Search Results to the SiteApex Results Report Builder.