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SiteApex 9.7


  • Improved accessibility and security on pages using map displays.
  • Update to restore "update my listing" functionality when certain module configurations were in effect.
  • Update to restore alpha filtering on directory search results.

Form Builder

  • Update to resolve display issues upon returning from successful PayPal hosted payment in certain conditions.

Job Posting

  • Update to enable the use of cover letters for job applicants.


  • Upgrades to prevent spam abuse of Contact Owner and Email Friend forms.


  • Added optional status automation when re-credentialing forms are submitted.
  • Added optional status automation when Department Heads make their recommendation on re-credentialing.
  • Added profile editing support to the MediTrac dashboard.
  • Updates to MediTrac dashboard to more accurately indicate when a applicable directive sign-off campaign is due.
  • Updated the staff listing to separate HealthForceOntario physicians from the regular Professional Staff.
  • Multiple updates to Performance Reviews to increase convenience and usability.
  • New setting to select which user groups are used to generate the list of professional staff in Performance Reviews.
  • New Procedural Privileges module:
    • Create Categories and assign to department security groups.
    • Create Privileges and assign to categories.
    • Ability to create privilege sign-off campaigns.
    • Front end ability to detect applicable campaigns and prompt user for Procedural Privileges sign-off.

News Manager

  • Update to improve WCAG accessibility of Mini News plugin.

Shopping Cart

  • New "Company" field on user signup, as well as user profile display.
  • New feature to duplicate products found on List Products in the admin.
  • Support for custom radio-button based shipping method selection.

Recycle Bin

  • Update to resolve PHP warning only applicable to newer versions of PHP.

Site Settings

  • Update to restore the “Current icon” favicon preview display.

Template Manager

  • Update to restore the ability to delete page templates no longer in use.