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SiteApex 9.6

Banner Ad Rotator

  • Update to resolve text display and formatting issues that occurred when more than six ad rotators coexist on a single page.
  • Added new text animations and settings for "descriptions".
  • Added a new live preview in the ad campaign administration for advanced layout and description animations.


  • Update to ensure posted topics include a title and content.


  • Update to font styles to improve consistency of plugin styling.


  • Update to restore support for custom basemaps in Diretory maps.
  • Update to restore map pan & zoom features from listings below the map.
  • Improved error checking of module options to ensure blank values do not break module output.
  • New major enhancement: Front-end directory administration!
    • Ability to enable front-end administration.
    • Control listing updates by requiring administrator approval before updates are live OR specify that updates immediately go live.
    • Admin ability to edit and approve listing updates.
    • Dashboard feature for providing Login/Logout access, as well as access to the new front end management interface.
    • View and manage all listings owned by current logged in user.
    • View and manage Responses to listings.
    • Directory owner email notification - email notification when a site user has updated a listing.
  • Updated stat tracking now tracks +1 view for every visit.
  • New admin Stats landing page featuring overall directory stats and comparisons from “Last 2 Weeks” as well as “Monthly Report”.

Form Builder

  • Update to ensure form fields set less than 100% width get appropriate padding when built by the layout builder.
  • Update to form administration to hide Name field when choosing Separator additional fields.
  • Update to form administration to hide the Required field for Title, Separator and Comment/Notice field types.
  • Update to show text area for Comment/Notice fields.
  • New feature to Build HTML Content for Comment/Notice fields.
  • New Additional Field type "Page Break" which will section the form into multiple groupings with previous/next buttons.
  • New Page Break tabs - Will show clickable tab menu to jump to different areas of the form.
  • New Page Break options on add/edit form under the Advanced tab.
  • Minor visual updates to the Thank You display.
  • New View Response support for the Manage Form Data plugin.
  • New submission confirmation prompt support for the Manage Form Data plugin.

Job Postings

  • Update to resolve display issue preventing site administrators from posting new Jobs to the Job Postings Module.


  • Update to restore photo uploads on secure sites.
  • Update to restore MLS # output to be optional on View Listing template (controlled by config).

Media & Resource Library

  • Update to enable file downloading on iOS based mobile devices.


  • Update to improve recipient filtering when sending newsletters. Filtering is important in larger recipient lists.

Popouts Plugin

  • Adjusted styles to make the plugin look and work better on mobile devices.

SiteApex Core

  • Update to require a full site publish upon changing the security flag on Sections, Categories, and Pages.
  • Added security validation checks to the Recycle Bin.
  • Updated a bad shortcut link for "meta tags" on the Control Panel landing.

SiteApex Security

  • Update to resolve issue causing Module Low Level Security Restriction changes to be ignored in some instances.
  • Update to resolve issue causing User Association changes to be ignored in some instances.
  • Update to resolve issue causing High Level Secure Item changes to be ignored in some instances.

Staff List

  • Updated the default staff list styles to improve the layout in both desktop and mobile browsers.