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SiteApex 9.5


  • New Coming Event plugin features and updates:
    • Added new optional thumbnail display.
    • Added new optional "read more" links.
    • Added event date to individual coming events (default hidden).
    • Improved default design and styles.
  • Update to offer improved support of ecommerce on registration events from mobile devices.
  • Update to ensure calendar event date is set for registration events.

ED Tools Data Generator

  • Added support to the manifold based reports to hide fields/sections that do not have values.

File Manager

  • Update to display files in the order selected in the Site Map page options.

Form Builder

  • **New** Date Picker field now has options to control dates available for selection.
  • Update to iATS Payments recurring payment processing to allow for fixed withdrawl date.
  • Updates to only show visitor IP Address in emails if the “Save User IP Address” option is enabled.
  • Update to restore limited support for PayPal recurring payments.

Job Posting

  • Added location and department, start and end dates, and job status to the manage job administration.
  • Added a filter to make managing large lists of jobs easier.
  • User Interface overhaul to listing, detail and application to provide exciting new look from our professional design team.
  • Added Location and Department menus.


  • **New** Listing start/end dates provide new settings to control when Listings display.
  • “Featured Listing" filter enhancement.
  • Updated Listings Admin to display additional information columns.
  • Updated the featured listings plugin to allow for automatic display of listing.
  • Added admin user time-zone consideration when selecting dates.
  • Added support for custom lists of extensions, filtered by type, on the default listing page.

Photo Album

  • Update to improve browsers caching old photos too long when new version of photo exists.


  • Update to prevent empty responses in required questions.
  • User Interface enhancement to reduce whitespace surrounding individual questions.

SiteApex Marketing

  • New plugin to provide a pop-out widget on page to encourage lead generation as well as interaction with special content. Features include:
    • Choose from 3 display methods: Overlay upon page loading, slide out upen page scrolling, and a slider tab.
    • Display triggers include successful submission of Form Builder forms and Shopping Cart orders as well as timed trigger seconds after page loads.
    • Pop-out may be a Form Builder form using the full set of Form Plugin options or content you create using the SiteApex Editor.
    • Ability to submit a form in real time for the best user experience.
    • Customizable cookie timer to give you control over how often to pop-out will trigger again after site visitor closes.

Staff List

  • New responsive design refresh.

SiteApex Core

  • Maintenance update to improve SEO and accessibility, includes elimination of 404 errors when attempting to include non-existent CSS files.

SiteApex Templates

  • Updates to make the Publish Site feature publish all applicable pages upon swapping templates.
  • Update to display proper publishing results when publishing via specific templates.
  • Update to more accurately display which pages are using a given template.