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SiteApex 9.4

Banner Ad Rotator

  • Update to remove debug output from admin in specific situation.
  • Update to resolve rare display issue when listing ads in the admin.


  • Update to prevent layout display issues on blog post listings.


  • New feature to export full event registration form response data.

Form Builder

  • New option to export to CSV WITH Notes/Details only when applicable.
  • New Date Picker feature to specify minimum and/or maximum selectable dates.
  • New iATS payment gateway Direct Debit feature.
  • Update to delay and send Thank You email upon confirmation when appropriate.
  • Update to ensure "required" radio button questions must have an answer selected before the form will submit.

Media & Resource Library

  • Update to restore thumbnail image display.

SiteApex Editor

  • Update to YouTube embed Make Responsive feature to be compatible with security standards.