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SiteApex 9.3

Banner Ad Rotator

  • Added additional design hooks to the ad rotator system, allowing each ad to have custom styles applied.


  • Updated templates to restore CSS class definitions to support custom styling.
  • New Feature: you can control length of the Blog displayed when displayed in lists!
    • Updated Blog back-end and front-end admins to allow user updating of blurb lengths.
    • Control blurb length in the listing view, but allow full length in the detail view.
  • Updated front end listings to display the blurb as plain text with the first available image (if any).
  • Update to replace characters unsupported by RSS standards for supported alternatives. Replaced characters are common to platforms such as Microsoft Word (curly quotes etc).


  • Update to place monthly recurring events on the correct dates after individually editing an event occurrence.

File List

  • Upgrade to support latest WCAG accessibility standards.

Form Builder

  • Added error checking payment processing so a response cannot be processed again when the response is already marked as paid.
  • Update to improve the default styling of the separator additional field.
  • Update to default styling to make 75% width fields display appropriately.
  • New limited support of recurring payments for PayPal.
  • Upgrades to the “My Form Submissions” plugin:
    • Upgrade to match current form builder styling and layouts.
    • Separate save and submit options, with final validation on submit.
  • New Feature: added group join functionality to support display of a list of security groups for the user to select from. Great feature if you have multiple Newsletter lists!
  • Added support for custom plugins hook to execute custom features when an appropriate form is submitted. Examples for custom functionality include additional processing or submitting data to a third party.
  • Update to make responses with a Cheque payment type default to Unpaid status so when the cheque is received, you can then mark it as Paid.


  • New Feature: Start/End dates now available, with date popups, allowing date ranges as a display option.
  • Added optional sorting on start dates, to allow some control over the order listings will default to.
  • New Feature: Description is now a full editor field type allowing greater control over listing content.
  • Added design support for advanced date information and filtering.
  • New Feature: Added "featured" status for active listings, to allow control over listings displayed on the featured listing plugin.

Media & Resource Library

  • Upgrade providing expanded support for video playback capabilities.
  • Updates to remove flash media players in favour of widely supported HTML5 standard which now supports only MP4 video format, and the MP3 audio format for streaming playback.
  • Upgrades to styling to clean up default themes.


  • Update to improve output on saved credentialing responses, including colour changes and attachment links.
  • Changed Directive "category" labels to "section/manual".
  • Update to improve how the dashboard "back" button works after submitting forms.
  • Update to performance review admin when viewing and archiving reviews.
  • Update to display completed Performance Review dashboard icon when self assessment has been filled out, but a supervisor hasn't completed a review.
  • Update to admin Staff listing so that the View Details always shows, if no available logs then it shows as text.

News Manager

  • Update to replace characters unsupported by RSS standards for supported alternatives. Replaced characters are common to platforms such as Microsoft Word (such as curly quotes etc).

Photo Album

  • Major enhancement: New photo uploader tool.
    • Flash free - so it will work in all browsers by default without requiring extra steps to allow Flash.
    • Queue management with thumbnail and file size previews.
    • Real time upload progress visualization.
    • New support for EXIF orientation standard.
  • New feature for “Alt URL” will apply to the photo thumbnail in the album view. When thumbnail is clicked, the visitor will be taken to the Alt URL specified.
  • Update to center photo thumbnails on front end display for better visual flow.
  • Update to set default Active status to Yes when adding Photo Albums.

Project Module

  • Update to ecommerce error handling on member donation form when the project/team form selection is empty.
  • Extended the keyword search to include the first and last name of the team leader.

Shopping Cart

  • Style upgrade for home page featured products option.
  • Update to supply default placeholder image when viewing a product with no image uploaded.

SiteApex Core

  • Update to preserve Site Map ordering on sub level tiers when moving Sections or Categories with sub levels.

SiteApex Editor

  • Update to make the Browse Files button on the Link tab of the Image dialog load the full asset manager instead of only images. (Allows ability to link an image to any file in asset manager from Images dialog)
  • New asset manager support for EXIF orientation standards.