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SiteApex 9.2

Banner Ad Rotator

  • Update to comply with WCAG accessibility standards.


  • Update to "spots remaining" calculation when using multi-step payment gateways on registration events.
  • Restored support for displaying events from multiple calendars in the mini-calendar plugin.


  • Update to resolve category menu display.
  • New: Added the ability for the administrator to enable or disable mouse-wheel zoom on maps. This is useful when large map spans the browser window and a user wants to scroll the page instead of zoom in on the map.
  • Added optional zoom limits to improve usability when the map only shows single points of interest. These limits affect the automatic pan and zoom, and do not limit site visitors from zooming in further.
  • New: Category landing page content editor field allows improved SEO throughout Directory.
  • Updated map defaults to allow for more pins to display.

Facebook Plugin

  • Update to include Facebook plugin javascript over HTTPS protocol.

Form Builder

  • Major Enhancement: Overhauled HTML and CSS to provide modern looking forms, inherit site design CSS, as well as improved user experience.
  • New Product Features: New "Layout Builder" feature found on List Forms allows you the ability to fully customize the layout of your form including:
    • System and additional fields can be placed in any ordering you wish.
    • Drag and drop field re-ordering.
    • Control the width of each form field to stack fields side by side up to 4 wide per row if desired.
    • Ability to force a field with a width of less than 100% to appear on its own row.
    • Reset Layout option to revert back to default ordering.
  • Support for Google reCAPTCHA spam blocker (See SiteApex Settings below for more).
  • Updates to improve the prevention of spam submissions.
  • New "additional field" variable name generation so additional fields can change labels/ordering without affecting stored data or new custom forms.
  • New Product Feature: Option to provide populated drop down lists of provinces and states. Includes logic to display only provinces or states depending on the State/Province field label.
  • New feature option to provide populated drop down list of countries.
  • New feature option to provide automated formatting on Zip/Postal Code, phone/fax numbers and email addresses.
  • New input validation feature for "Short Text" additional fields. Choose to validate any "Short Text" field as an email address, postal/zip code or phone number. Not dependant on Required Yes/No.
  • New "Confirm Email Address" feature requires visitors to fill out an identical email address twice in order to submit the form.
  • New feature to hide submitted response data from the thank you display.
  • New feature to only include submitted data in owner notification emails.
  • Updated the response CSV export to order additional fields by the default display order.
  • Updated the response CSV export to include applicable form totals.
  • Upgraded guest book display to look more modern with supporting CSS styling.
  • Updates to the form Preview to appear properly in versions of Internet Explorer.
  • Updates to the form Preview to support mobile CSS breakpoints.

Job Postings

  • Update to refine anti-spam measures which prevented certain valid submissions.
  • Created default folders for storing applicant file uploads to improve pathing for module once the data has been collected per SiteApex standards.

Media & Resource Library

  • Update to refine filtering of uploaded file names to only support valid web friendly characters.
  • Upgrades to the "Classic" module themes to achieve WCAG accessibility standards.


  • New Send Newsletter link on the View Details area of any upcoming or current directive sign-off campaign windows.


  • Update the support apostrophes in Newsletter subject lines.
  • Removed the newsletter marker code display from the bottom of newsletter emails.

Shopping Cart

  • Improved required product options to ensure site visitors select required options prior to adding to cart.
  • Improved visual display to make required billing and shipping fields clearer as part of the check-out process.
  • Improved the output of product listings to better account for deactive products.

SiteApex Core - SEO Enhancements

  • Update to increase effectiveness of Keyword Report when scanning On Page content.
  • Update to SEO Page Scanner account for SEO related home page index.php redirects.

SiteApex Editor

  • Update to decrease the height of the google maps embed feature.

SiteApex Settings

  • New settings for enabling Google reCAPTCHA spam blocker. Once enabled, this automatically replaces the former spam blocker on all live Form Builder forms on website. (Coming Soon: recaptcha support for mini-form plugin).

Site Search

  • Update to prevent certain system warning messages from displaying when using specific combination of keyword search terms.