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SiteApex 9.1


  • Update to apply new "Posted Date" scheduling feature to the mini blog.
  • Update to restore "Show owner's user name" setting on main blog display.


  • New Feature: ability to accept public event submissions directly into calendar with approval.
  • New feature to display event end time in calendar displays.
  • New event fields for Location, Admission Fee, Banner Photo and Website.
  • Update to improve WCAG Accessibility.
  • Update to resolve incorrect day names on yearly list view.
  • Update to use event name as a secondary ordering on calendar event list displays.
  • Update to handle unreadable character issue when changing months in the mini calendar plugin.
  • Update to resolve navigation button display issue on the mini calendar plugin.
  • Updated mini calendar style defaults to allow the calendar to fill available space and to remove background colours.


  • Update to improve URL pathing on some sites.
  • Update to improve module prodcued URL display.
  • New Feature: Added support for pin clustering on busy maps!
  • Altered filter/search code to display map results, even when "Always Display Listings" is disabled.
  • Increased default listing limit to 200.
  • Update to resolve warnings displayed on older sites.
  • Resolved conflict between the optional flyout menu on the alphabetical template and the mobile menu styles.
  • Updated menu styles to include additional padding when viewed on mobile devices.
  • Improved style and positioning of the "results" text.

Form Builder

  • Added data filtering and error checking on bad submitted data.
  • Update to resolve data export on forms that use User Entered Payment fields.
  • Update to improve compatibility of all plugins coexisting on a Form Builder page.
  • Updated the language options for Moneris Recurring Payment form fields to allow generated text to be displayed in different languages.
  • New additional field type for searchable single choice list.
  • Updated label for the upload unlock validation field.
  • Added individual labels for the three birthdate fields.
  • Update to resolve several accessibility issues when using the user entered payment and donation fields.


  • Improved system generated URLs.

Media & Resource Library

  • Updated styles to improve the library layout on multi-column pages.


  • Added Report icon for Staff Credentialing.

Photo Album

  • Added new css classes for improved Photo Gallery styling.

SiteApex Core

  • New default support for parallax custom site design elements.
  • Update to ensure all categories are included when publishing from template manager.
  • New Feature: Asset Manage secure folder! New option provides bacon secured asset folder (/photos/custom/secure) so files can be linked on page yet be restricted from direct linking.
  • New security restrictions to prevent potential unwanted access of newsletter log file directory.
  • Update to email priority feature to ensure properly formatted reply emails.

Shopping Cart

  • New ability to search orders by invoice number.
  • New interface improvements to Manage Orders.
  • Update to copy Company Name when the "Same as Billing" is used.
  • Update to include Company Name under Billing and Shipping information on invoice displays.
  • Update to improve format of the Products and Categories export.

Staff List

  • Added sender name to the Staff List contact emails.