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SiteApex 9.0

Banner Ad Rotator

  • New Organize feature brings the ability to easily customize the ordering of ads using familiar drag and drop!
  • New updates to rotator display to utilize the new ordering feature.
  • Added new easy to use layouts, allowing more control over the appearance of ad rotators.
  • Updated the Stats interface to be more user friendly and easier to understand.
  • Removed the max width restriction on single rotator setups for improved flexibility in responsive design as well as more efficient file sizes.
  • Updates to eliminate a potential security vulnerability.
  • Cleaned up default rotator styles, to reduce undesired design related conflicts.


  • Updated the BBS to order topics by post or most recent reply date.
  • Update to resolve display issue when viewing topics with no replies.
  • Update to resolve update profile issue causing critical user data to be lost.


  • Major enhancement: All new front end blog display!
    • Lightweight HTML/CSS to integrate more easily into your website design.
    • Responsive for mobile and tablet technology.
    • Pagination feature on front end posts. Now all postings will be accessible to site visitors as well as search engines. Viewing posts by Categories and Archives are also paginated.
    • New link shortcut to Edit Posting from the main blog postings display.
  • Major enhancement: All new Blog front end admin making it user friendly and streamlined. Including:
    • New ability to manage postings with an optional category filter. Blog postings without categories are now accessible via admin.
    • New links to Add Postings and Manage Postings in various areas to increase convenience.
    • Posting status (Active, Moderated, Inactive/Draft) is now listed and more clear when managing postings.
    • New word count feature found on bottom right of the SiteApex Editor display.
    • New feature to schedule when blog posts go live, right down to the minute!
    • New feature to specify default "Active" status for adding new postings.


  • Major enhancement: All new front end designs across all calendar views!
    • Fully responsive calendar views will now transition to a mobile friendly list view when appropriate.
    • Mobile views will open events in current page as appropriate.
    • Lightweight modern design.
    • Revamped HTML/CSS to better adopt page template styles.
  • New feature for limiting the event names to a certain amount of characters when necessary.
  • Updated Mini-Calendar plugin to achieve WCAG accessibility standards.

Business Directory

  • New feature for storing contact referral submissions for lead tracking opportunities.
    • View Responses option when managing directory items.
    • Ability to View and Delete submissions.
  • Added new "Reply To" feature for directory item contact emails.
  • Upgraded directory stats with new filter by date range.
  • Update to improve the accuracy of recording appropriate views and clicks.
  • Update to Stats reporting to support large amounts of stat tracking data.
  • Updated alphabetical directory templates to make them responsive, including map popups.
  • Updated category maps to display the category pin for listings in multiple categories.

ED Tools Data Generator

  • Updates to resolve display issues when certain plugins from other modules were on the same page as the reports.

Form Builder

  • Authorize.Net payment gateway upgrade to transaction URL in compliance with their new requirements
  • New feature to optionally include blank additional fields in thank you displays and emails.
  • New feature to provide email priority indication on form builder emails.

Job Postings

  • New customizable Job Postings plugin that automatically scrolls through available job postings.

Media & Resource Library

  • Update to restore podcast category selection.
  • Update to restore podcast image field.
  • New podcast flag for indicating explicit content (required by iTunes).


  • Production launch of our newest custom module geared for the medical industry, this module is every administrators dream providing permanent online storage and tracking for Professional Staff:
    • Credentialing and Licensing Renewals.
    • Assignment and Signoff of Directives.
    • Performance Reviews.


  • Major enhancement: New overhaul to introduce Newsletter Categories
    • Ability to organize Newsletters in Categories.
    • News Letter can be in multiple Categories.
    • Each Category has its own Newsletter ordering.
    • Important: Newsletter page type now available! Display Newsletters by Category on the front end website and the date they were last sent.
  • Update to resolve issue with backslashes appearing with single quotes in certain places.
  • Update to resolve user filtering issues on the second step of the newsletter send process.
  • Added a filter to prevent malformed links from registering as additional clicks.
  • Update to reduce the amount of information captured by log files during newsletter sends.

Photo Album

  • New front end photo album administration!
    • Ability to Upload Photos directly on front end album page.
    • Manage Photos (Edit/Delete)
    • Security controls on Add/Edit Album in the admin to turn on/off front end administration as well as assign groups who have access.


  • Update to resolve issues with the "show instant results" feature.
  • Updated category background images to display centered for improved clarity.
  • Updates to resolve issues in the CSV Download report.

Shopping Cart

  • Revamped HTML/CSS for more updated and cleaner default design templates.
  • Improved postal/zip code validation to better detect invalid postal/zip codes.
  • Updates to resolve Moneris payment gateway connection issues.
  • New feature to control the redirect to paypal text upon initial order submission.

SiteApex Core

  • Major enhancement: New integration of cPanel features within SiteApex Control Panel (requires cPanel username and password on initial setup)!
    • New high level security option to control access to this new functionality.
    • Email Accounts
      • View email accounts with usage/quota.
      • Add/Delete email accounts
      • Reset passwords
    • Email Forwarders: ability to automatically forward email received by one email address to another.
      • Add/Delete forwarders
      • Redirects: ability to redirect visitors who access certain URLs or pages to be redirected to another location.
      • Add/Delete redirects
      • Ability to set 301 Permanent or 302 Temporary redirect status.
  • Major enhancement to the Publish Site feature to only publish pages/features that require publishing.
  • Numerous upgrades to the Publish Site feature:
    • Updated the output display of the publisher to better represent the Site Map structure.
    • New "Edit" link on publish output.
    • Efficiency updates to improve publishing speed.
  • Major enhancement: New Draft Mode when working with Sections, Categories and Pages!
    • Ability to edit pages in draft mode to provide control over when new content goes live.
    • Publisher will still publish a pre-draft version of the page to keep the navigation menu up to date.
    • Make a drafted page live by choosing Save & Publish or by turning off Draft Mode.
  • After editing a page, the Site Map list will refresh and auto expand/scroll to the recently edited page.
  • Major enhancement: New ability to move a Section, Category or Page!
    • Ability to move a section into a category or turn a category into a section (same with pages)!
    • Any children Categories/Pages will also be moved when a parent is relocated.
    • Complete flexibility now with your SiteMap.
  • Upgrades to improve the speed and stability when bringing up page edits in the Site Map.
  • New interface improvements to Delete Section/Category/Page confirmation screen.
  • New SEO Page Scanner feature found on edit Sections, Categories and Pages. This new tool provides feedback on critical aspects of pages that are important to search engines as well as WCAG accessibility. Also used to test the effectiveness of a target keyword on a live page.
  • New Meta Description plugin for generating dynamic meta descriptions to better match dynamic module data being displayed on the page within the Directory and Listings modules.
  • Update to address email sending when SMTP credentials are no longer valid and the system falls back on PHP sendmail.
  • New support for outgoing emails to have a priority indicated (depends on module specific features).
  • Update to enable Alternate URL setting to work on home pages.
  • Update to resolve display issue for the responsive mobile menu in specific circumstances.

SiteApex Editor

  • Major enhancement: New AUTO-Save feature built into the editor!
    • Auto saving begins 30 seconds (default configurable value) after first initial editor content change and will run every 30 seconds until page is submitted.
    • Auto save logs can be accessed in a new editor Icon on the top left of the editor toolbar.
    • Auto save logs are specific to individual editor instances when multiple editors are on one form.
  • New word count display feature at the bottom right of the editor display.

SiteApex Results

  • New overhaul to Website Leads to include Staff List and Directory contact submissions in lead tracking reports along with standard form responses.
  • New CSV Import feature for Target Keywords.
  • New data fields for Target Keywords: Avg Monthly Searches, Competition, Score.
  • New benchmarking feature for Target Keywords to better track success of target keywords.
  • Renamed Target Keyword status “Archived” to “On Deck”.
  • New Target Keyword Scan Report feature that tests pages for keyword use in crucial page components.
  • New Report Generator tool to assist with SEO summary report generation.
  • Update to address situation when analytics requests to renew security tokens.
  • Update to remove "All Time Active Pages" from Long Term Analytics due to 3rd party performance causing slowness loading the report.

SiteApex Settings

  • New Google analytics embed setting with smarts built into the page publisher to detect if the embed code already exists on a page or not. If not, embed code will be automatically applied to all applicable pages.
  • New favicon uploader. Images must be pre-formatted for favicon standards.

SiteApex Templates

  • Plugin manager interface upgrades to improve usability and stability of plugin boxes.
  • Updates to mobile menu to resolve navigation issues in safari web browser.
  • New support for page elements (navigation, rotators, social media buttons etc) to stick to a certain position on the page when scrolling.

Site Search

  • New Site Search plugin available for use in the template plugin manager.
  • New Site Search plugin default html/css.
  • New search term tracking and reporting located under the Control Panel.
    • Tracks the search term, date, number of results the search term provided, page(s) selected from the search results by the visitor, as well as the page the search form was submitted from.
    • Filtering options include date range and text based searching.
    • Export to CSV

Staff List

  • New feature for storing contact submissions for lead tracking opportunities.
    • View Responses option when managing staff members.
    • Ability to View and Delete submissions.
  • Anti-spam improvements to contact form.

Update Profile

  • Update to resolve issue where users could update their profile photo regardless of update profile settings/restrictions.