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Changelog Version 7.8.8
  • BBS
    • Improved login form for the BBS.
    • Resolved instance where BBS wouldn't display.
  • ED Tools Data Generator
    • Improved error handling for data causing issues with PDF export.
    • Improved error handling for data causing issues with Excel export.
    • Updated education data to add missing records.
  • Form Builder
    • Update to add Thank You Email CC feature when sending thank you emails after successful payments.
    • Update to Thank You Email CC feature to support both semi colons and commas as delimiters.
    • Improved view responses.
    • Resolved minor display issue on responses.
    • Resolved advanced response filtering issue that caused the listed responses to not include the end date, when specified.
    • Resolves donation amount display on CSV exports.
    • Resolved column alignment display.
  • Media & Resource Library
    • Resolved Expiry Date issue causing resource to be unavailable even when expired feature not used.
    • Update to title wording when adding a folder.
    • Update to title wording when adding a file.
    • New ability to chose the parent folder when adding a folder.
    • New Feature!: Ability to add a directory when updating a file.
    • New Feature!: Ability to move files between libraries.
    • New ability to dynamically reload the folder list when changing the library or closing the add folder dialog.
    • Update to Add/Edit file to indent folder names in the folder drop down to better represent parent/child relationships.
  • News Manager
    • Improved support for Expiry Dates in the mini-news rotator.
  • Site Search
    • Resolved issue allowing reference pages to be searched when set to not searchable.
    • Resolved pagination display issue in certain circumstances.