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Changelog Version 7.7.10
  • Ad Rotator
    • Updated emailer for sending statistical reports to ad owners.
  • Calendar
    • Upgrade to add more options for adjusting event name when using booked event.
    • Update to indicate response count for registration event dates in List Events.
  • Directory
    • Upgraded content cleaning to prevent broken maps when item descriptions contained control codes.
  • File Manager
    • Added additional css class support for customizing how columns display.
  • Form Builder
    • Update to Moneris API Credit Card step to show submitted information as well as improve the look of the interface.
    • Update to show submitted information on final success/failure display after Moneris API gateway processing.
    • Update to restore ability for responses to store calendar event time when applicable.
    • Update to include the event time on form builder csv exports.
    • Upgrade to add cc feature on thank you email.
    • Upgrade to store thank you email in response details/logs.
    • Updated form response export to include payment type and split the product fields into price and tax.
  • Indexed Articles
    • Added three new optional fields to Index Articles for Author, Subtitle and Series.
    • Updated search to match to the new fields.
    • Added multi-step filtering on the three new fields, with drill-down to appropriate articles.
  • Job Postings
    • Added delete function for viewed applicants.
    • Updated job description to include an email address or URL.
    • Added anti-spam captcha to the job application form.
  • League Module
    • New Email field for team players so they receive email notifications.
    • New capability to associate a Photo Album to League and frontend capability to add team photos.
    • New support for emailing of team notifications.
  • News Manager
    • Added check to clean up front end output when a news feed is missing (deleted or not set).
    • Added news rotator plugin, using mini-news settings for number of articles, wording and blurb length.
  • Photo Album
    • Resolved an ordering issue with the alternate "film-strip" view.
    • Resolved resizing of images on an edit.
  • SiteApex Editor
    • Update to insert SSL secured youtube embed URLs so that videos are not blocked in certain conditions.
    • Update to resolve issues when applying internal links to images in certain browsers.
  • Staff List
    • Resolved problem causing broken image when editing staff records.
    • Added anti-caching code to the admin to prevent old images from displaying when new staff photos are uploaded.