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Change Log Version 8.0
Banner Ads
  • Updates to ad rotator to meet WCAG HTML5 accessibility standards.
  • Updated Google maps for the Business Directory module to make setup easier.
  • Improvement to directory item view display when viewing on mobile devices.
  • New Daily calendar view available! Comes with ability to customize the start and end hour for visitor convenience.
  • New front end event management! Add events right from your calendar page!
  • Updates to Mini Calendar to be WCAG HTML5 compliant.
Form Builder
  • Upgraded Add/Edit form display with form options organized into tabs.
  • All new additional field manager
    • New ability to insert new field at any spot.
    • New ability to safely delete additional fields.
    • Labels and options for additional field show relative to the type of field chosen.
  • New ‘Organize’ feature on List Forms to re-organize additional fields by drag and drop.
  • New ‘Preview’ feature on List Forms to view the form as it would display for your visitors.
  • Update to View Response to only show ‘Total Charged’ and ‘Paid’ when applicable.
  • Update to restore using the Processed status for Auto Processed responses.
  • New Default Opportunity Value field on Add/Edit form to set a default value for new response leads.
  • New Conversion Value field on edit response to set the actual value of a lead conversion.
  • Update to include submitted contact info with payflow pro gateway requests.
  • Update to resolve a Recurring Totals display issue when using recurring Moneris payments.
  • Updates to Form Builder Plugin to be WCAG HTML5 accessibility compliant.
  • Fixed a form export issue that caused columns to miss-align in rare cases.
Indexed Articles
  • Added an option to clear search criteria and return the user back to the default article listing.
  • Updates to javascript validation on contact owner/agent forms.
Media & Resource Library
  • Updated custom fields to make entering html content easier.
  • Made improvements to the podcast system to better support iTunes integration.
  • Added the first Custom Field, if used, as the author for podcast data.
  • Updated the library media player to support audio playback on mobile devices.
Meta Content
  • Update to remove Meta Keywords as search engines have deemed unused and/or penalized for having.
  • Update to only apply the global Meta Description content to the index page if no other description is available.
  • Added support for the News Mini-Feed "Open Read More" control.
Photo Albums
  • Update to resolve SSL issue in the admin.
  • New responsive thumbnail list!
  • All new mobile friendly, responsive photo viewer!
  • New 'Add User' option on List Groups.
  • New and simplified search/filtering on List Users!
Shopping Cart
  • New shipping gateway for Canada Post.
  • New feature to store order information prior to payment gateway processing.
  • Update to remove invalid URL on view cart display.
  • Major enhancement to order invoices! All new professional display with inline styling that will appear the same in all email clients across the board.
  • New ‘Manage Settings’ area where you can setup invoice customizations and other cart related options to come down the road!
Site Search
  • Update for site searches to include appropriate blog entries in search results.
  • Added support for site searches to include calendar events.
  • Update to attempt to pick the "best" directory page to display each matching directory item.
SiteApex Core
  • New improvements to page editing interface.
  • Resolved two pathing issues that could cause broken site menu images in some cases.
  • Update to improve file name generating.
  • Security update to prevent full web URLs in the Name field.
  • New SiteApex design refresh!
    • Combined the header and navigation for greater efficient use of space.
    • New help and logout buttons.
    • New styling across all brands.
    • Updated site map display with new status icons.
    • Page names in sitemap will now wrap instead of truncate.
    • Updated left column links to have larger clickable area to increase user experience.
    • Updated left column links to highlight to show current selection.
    • All data lists will now highlight the current row upon mouse hover to increase user experience.
    • Most lists with link based options have been updated to have a table cell dedicated to each option to improve user experience.
    • Updated version log display.
SiteApex Editor
  • All new editor with tons of new features!
    • Greatly improved and refined user experience.
    • Greatly improved HTML source code formatting.
    • New HTML Source code mode.
    • Find and Replace in HTML Source code.
    • Simplified text formatting options.
    • New and improved Styles drop down will use appropriate HTML tag along with style.
    • New “magic line” appears (red dotted line) when hovering over tough to reach places you would like to insert a new line break.
    • New right-click context menu options for images, links and tables.
    • Double click shortcut on images and links to jump to the appropriate dialog.
    • Ability to resize table columns by hovering middle border and click to drag.
  • All new Asset Manager!
    • Photo cropping and resizing!
    • Ability to save image resizes and crops as new file or overwrite existing.
    • Auto selects file after uploading.
    • Option to overwrite or save as copy upon uploading new files.
    • Upload multiple files.
    • Thumbnail and List views.
    • Sort by Name, Date and File Size.
    • File lists reload and display dynamically in real time.
SiteApex Site Map Landing Page
  • Revamped functionality with new results integration and quick links.
  • Brand new feedback voting system.
SiteApex Marketing “Results”
  • Included in this release for all our customers is Traffic report integration from our server logs showing total number of visits over for the last month. If Marketing your website, google integration, building traffic and converting traffic into customers is a goal you want to achieve, click on the Ad in the new Results tab in your Admin to enquire about our Marketing Plans!
  • Upgrade Option: Google Analytics reporting
    • Ground breaking integration with SiteApex using the latest security authentication protocols.
    • Short term reporting shows site statistics on an ongoing basis.
      • Compare current averages with previous time periods.
      • See ongoing traffic sources and visitors by country.
    • Monthly Report
      • See measurable results on a month by month basis.
      • Compares Visits, bounce rate, time on site, traffic sources and much more!
      • Top landing pages from traffic sources.
      • Visits by keyword.
    • Long Term Analytics
      • See measurable results on a month by month basis over the past 3 years.
  • Upgrade Option: Website Leads
    • Form Builder
      • Ability to view leads generated by form builder by month.
      • Conversion and Opportunity value reporting.
    • Shopping Cart
      • Revenue reporting and a summary of top categories and products.
  • Upgrade Option: Target Keywords
    • All new area for tracking target keywords.
    • Ability to change status for target keywords to indicate achieved and/or archived keywords.
  • Upgrade Option: SEO Work Performed
    • Track SEO work performed per month.
  • Upgrade Option: Strategic Plan
    • Upcoming targets and goals for SEO work to be performed.
  • Added styling hooks to the individual columns of the single, multi-column dropdown version of the menu.