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Change Log Version 8.1
Banner Ad Rotator
  • Update to resolve an issue that occasionally lost the selected transition for the campaign.
  • Updated the admin layout to make the transition row much easier to read.
  • Update to resolve an issue where mini-calendar navigation would forget events from any additional calendars assigned to be displayed.
  • Updates to resolve several issues related to editing and saving recurring events.
Form Builder
  • New payment gateway support for CPS Payments.
News Manager
  • Update to resolve formatting issue when not displaying "post dates" on items in the mini-news plugin.
  • Adjusted default date format.
  • Update to resolve an issue that could cause visible warning message to appear in mini news rotator.
Photo Album
  • Added support for photo descriptions to contain links and html formatting.
Site Map
  • Update to resolve issue where single column Site Maps would display secure page links even when the module settings were to hide them.
SiteApex Editor
  • Updates to Asset Manager's Add Files feature to be compatible with Internet Explorer 9.
  • Updated error messages in Asset Manager to provide meaningful information about possible causes for failures.
  • Update to resolve pathing issues when using the editor in the plugin manager.
  • Update to resolve issues with Internal Links in Internet Explorer.
SiteApex Results
  • Update to show basic stats when site runs in full SSL mode.
  • Update to resolve issue with the form selector in Website Leads > Conversions.
  • Update to provide better error checking for new SiteApex installs.
SiteApex Security
  • Added text to the administration login prompt reminding users that their login information is case sensitive.