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Change Log Version 8.2
Blog Module
  • Enhancements to the RSS feed validation.
  • Added support for anonymous site visitors to leave a "Guest comment" on blog posts.
  • Resolved end of month recurring date issue eliminating ghost events.
  • Improved accessibility for WCAG 2.0.
  • Added support for additional directory item fields in map templates.
ED Tools Data Generator
  • Update to PDF report generator to improve report data handling.
Form Builder
  • Update to response auto processing to generate more secure passwords.
  • Restructure of code making future upgrades easier and more efficient.
  • Update to resolve issue when turning on CPS Payments on edit form.
  • Update to PayPal IPN processing to resolve isolated communication issue.
  • Resolved display warning message when a price field was empty.
  • Updated recurring payment display to show more user friendly duration messages.
  • Added FORMFIRSTCOLUMN class to the first column, allowing for more design control of generated forms.
  • Resolved warning message for taxation of products when taxes were not applied in the admin.
  • Upgraded email validation on forms to accept new TLDs (domain suffix).
  • Added support for custom front-end form templates to be used in emails.
  • MAJOR UPGRADE: New support for authenticated SMTP email sending to greatly improve email success.
Media & Resource Library
  • Improved library help support.
  • Resolved isolated condition causing files not to be deleted with it’s directory.
  • Improved accessibility to WCAG 2.0.
News Letters
  • New interface for newsletter sending for greater user experience!
  • New email throttling feature to reduce risk of your newsletter being marked as spam by 3rd party email handlers.
  • New option for controlling number of emails sent per minute.
  • MAJOR UPGRADE: New support for authenticated SMTP email sending to greatly improve email success.
Photo Album
  • Updated display of titles for thumbnails.
  • Improved accessibility to WCAG 2.0.
Shopping Cart
  • Upgrade to Canada Post Ratings API support product dimensions.
  • Resolved issue where disabled products could display under certain conditions via direct linking.
  • New option for sending invoices from verified SMTP email account.
Site Map
  • Upgrades to meet WCAG 2.0 accessibility.
SiteApex Core
  • Fixed a display issue on secure pages within a category when secured by the section.
  • Updates to multiple help links to ensure help content is accessible and up to date.
SiteApex Editor
  • Update to prevent asset manager from creating unwanted folders under specific circumstances.
  • Updates to asset manager to improve stability in Internet Explorer 9.
  • Updates to Image and Link dialogs to simplify link target options.
SiteApex Core
  • MAJOR UPGRADE: New support for authenticated SMTP email sending to greatly improve email success.
  • Massive upgrade throughout SiteApex core to have all outgoing email use one central mailer script.
  • New section “Outgoing Email Accounts” within Control Panel to manage outgoing SMTP email accounts used throughout Siteapex.
  • New ability to add SMTP accounts directly from managing Forms, News Letters and Shopping Cart settings.
  • New support for a specialized mobile site navigation.