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2011 Version Logs

November 1, 2011
  • Calendar
    • Added admin ability to split recurring events into individual events that can be edited separately.
    • Added the admin ability to mass delete events from the main event list.
    • Updated the admin event list to display events by month/year.
    • Updated the admin event list to optionally filter by Title Search keyword.
    • Recurring events display in the admin listing with * after their date.
    • When filtering event list in the admin by year/month, the list updates realtime.
    • Resolved issue with setting of new event default year.
  • Mini Calendar Plug-in
    • Update to resolve a coding issue when only one calendar was to be displayed.
  • Mini Calendar
    • Update to display when booked events are full.
  • Fancybox (used in Photo Album and Listings)
    • Added print icon to fancy modal popups.
  • Form Builder
    • New ability to specify a character limit for Short/Long Text fields.
    • New ability to send notification email to different email addresses based on user selection of a multi-select field type.
  • Learning Module
    • Added an HTML Editor to the page items.
    • Redesigned the admin interface to display Course/Chapter/Page in a hierarchical list.
  • Listings
    • Update to the default installer to have the Sold option work on new installs.
  • Media Library
    • Resolved cross-browser issue that prevented undocked player from working.
  • News Manager
    • Improved the XML format to allow News RSS feeds to validate via including new options for mobile devices.
    • Reorganized some admin interfaces to make setting up valid RSS feeds easier.
    • Fixed a "last updated" date issue caused by date format differences between servers.
  • Shopping Cart
    • New payment gateway now available for SecurePay customers.
    • NEW Shopping Cart Affiliate system now available.
      • Add/Edit Affiliates
      • % or Fixed Amount Commission options
      • sticky session to remember and track where your sales referrals came from
      • advanced reporting to track your affiliate sales and payments
    • Removed locations from tax name in admin tax override multi-select box so the box will no longer need to stretch.
  • Staff List
    • Resolved a code conflict with new Ad Rotator on same page affecting email me function.

October 3, 2011
  • Form Builder
    • Added the Paid Yes/No value to display on the View Response.
    • New system field added for Birthday in conjunction with the addition of Birthday to the SiteApex User account profile.
  • Lead Capture
    • Introducing the launch of our newest module which has been designed to help you convert your contacts into members/customers. This module allows you to build a systematic e-mail campaign to automatically contact and follow-up with your leads.
    • Use the following new Trigger Types to pre-schedule your lead capture campaign:
      1. Send a newsletter automatically based on number of days after someone has filled in one of your Forms.
      2. Send a newsletter automatically based on the number of days after someone has been add to a Group.
      3. Send a newsletter to a Group automatically on a specific date.
      4. Send a newsletter automatically on a person's birthday!
  • Questionnaire
    • Update to ensure scale based questions are saving properly when the Auto Save feature is enabled.
    • Upgraded the Auto Save feature to work anonymously (previously required secured user login).
  • SiteApex Editor
    • Update to force no border (border="0") code by default on images when no border is specified (needed for IE Browser).
  • SiteApex Users
    • New field for Birth Date.
    • New field for Join Date.
  • Shopping Cart
    • Updated the Check,, Moneris, PSiGate payment gateways to interact with the Product Inventory System by reducing inventory levels on successful payment.
    • Updated install script to enable the Check Payment gateway as the default gateway when a Shopping Cart is first setup.

September 15, 2011
  • BBS
    • Enabled anonymous access for viewing topics.
    • Added code to support ability to hide Login related features to support running BBS in anonymous mode.
    • New Reply sort option to enable sorting by newest replies on top or on the bottom.
  • Mini Calendar Plug-in
    • Update to resolve a coding issue when only one calendar was to be displayed.
  • SiteApex Editor
    • Upgraded asset manager to support the new server upload limit of 200MB.

August 26, 2011
  • Blog
    • Resolved issue with certain categories and single post views that were conflicting with ability to do direct linking to Blog posts.
  • Calendar
    • Security update to ensure the ID values being passed to the calendar module and plugins accept only our expected code, rejecting all other.
    • Security update to calendar search to address possible XSS vulnerability.
  • Directory
    • Update to remove html code comments.
  • Form Builder
    • Update to the Moneris Payment Gateway to force proper numeric dollar format.
    • Added Paid column to the csv export reports.
  • Indexed Articles
    • New articles appear at the top of the list.
    • New ordering arrow to push the first article to the bottom of the list.
    • New ordering arrow to push the last article to the top of the list.
  • Listings
    • Updated listing response email functionality for "Contact Agent/Owner" notifications.
  • Media & Resource Library
    • Added ascending and descending defaults for titles and dates in the media list.
  • Newsletter
    • Update to Newsletter admin to support the display of click-through details on very long, complex URLs.
  • Shopping Cart
    • Upgrade to the new PayPal gateway to support instant payment notification(IPN). This will automatically update order records to Paid if the transaction was completed successfully.
  • Data Generator
    • Upgrade to the Incentives Excel report to support unexpected data.
    • Updated code from IP Address to Domain Name in prep for hardware upgrade.

June 28, 2011
  • Blog
    • Update to restore image uploads for blog posts.
  • Form Builder
    • Update to the Moneris gateway to carry Moneris post back details to form processing following recent enhancement.
  • Listings
    • Resolved issue causing the extensions to not load properly when a type is selected on add/edit listing.
    • Resolved issue causing the add/edit listings Submit button not to function when there aren't any required extensions.
  • Media & Resource Library
    • Updated the default styles to prevent supplemental file descriptions from getting cut off in the "classic" file view.

June 16, 2011
  • Blog
    • Added multi-user support, allowing more than one person to manage and post to a given blog.
    • Added moderated posts, allowing for posts to be previewed before they display to the public.
    • Added Blog profiles for all users, allowing everyone who can post to a blog to have a personal profile.
    • Updated the Blog profiles to show more information about the user, including recent posts and comments.
  • Business Directory
    • Update to resolve category link where in certain cases the category links back to the home page.
  • File Manager
    • Security update to block scripts/PHP files from being uploaded.
    • Security update to ensure ID values passed disallow mysql injection code.
  • Form Builder
    • Display update to the Single Choice (Button) field to wrap text properly.
    • Security upgrade to disallow posts containing javascript tags.
    • Security upgrade for the file upload field to disallow php, javascript, and pearl files to be uploaded.
  • Indexed Articles
    • Resolved sort order issue causing the delete article function to fail in certain cases.
    • Removed blank row on the front end article display in place of a deactive article.
    • Addressed quotes issue causing the activate/deactivate function to fail in certain cases.
    • Security update to eliminate Cross Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability in the module's search function.
    • Security update to eliminate mysql injection vulnerabilities.
  • Listings
    • Resolve issue in Delete listing function causing user associations to get deleted if the listing ID was the same value as a user ID.
    • Resolve issue in Add Listing function when the listing agent is not enabled.
    • Added field labels in the Responses admin area.
    • Updated front end listings display issue in specific versions of browsers.
  • Mini News Plug-in
    • Update to the default display to move certain design elements into the styles for greater flexibility.
  • News Manager
    • Update to front-end display to handle situation where a current feed ID hasn't been supplied.
    • Security update to eliminate Cross Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability in passing of the module's variables.
    • Security update to eliminate mysql injection vulnerabilities.
  • SiteApex Core
    • Upgrade to actually delete the page file when a page is deactivated. Upon activation a site Publish must be done to re-write the file.
  • SiteApex Editor
    • New designer ability to override the width of the editor display in the admin to suit the size of your contents area per page template!
    • New icons and tool bar layout.
    • Fixed a color picker positioning issue in floating/overflow element.
    • Added rel attribute in Insert Hyperlink.
    • IE9 compatible!
    • New Insert Youtube video feature.
    • New Auto Table Format feature.
    • New Clean word tag feature on paste (CTRL+V).
    • Resolved full screen view and some formatting issues in Firefox and Safari/Chrome.
    • New dragable height resizer located on the bottom of the editor's display (does not retain any resized heights).
    • Resolved bullets to work in all browsers. IMPORTANT NOTE: IE users now need to hit shift+enter to create a single line break.
    • Resolved style selector issue.
    • Resolved search/replace in source view.
    • Resolved background image issue for tables in Safari/Chrome.
    • Resolved a tag issue in HTML full source editing.
  • Shopping Cart
    • New Tiered Discount feature. Provides up to ten discount levels based on order total before taxes.
    • New Auto Coupon feature to automatically apply a coupon to a shopping cart without a coupon needing to be entered.
  • Site Search
    • Security update to eliminate Cross Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability.

May 25, 2011
  • Calendar
    • Upgrade to the event Search to ignore past events in the search results.
    • Update to include the event name and start time in registration event emails.
  • Coming Events Plug-in
    • Update to optionally allow for HTML to display in the coming events shortened description.
  • Directory
    • Module display now template driven and customizable for various markets.
    • New ability to override module CSS.
    • New capability to control item sorting.
    • New ability to specify Hot Links (additional links) for a directory item.
    • Integration with Google Maps to pop-up and place a Listing on a map (Google API Key required).
    • New ability to display a different map link with a URL directly to a external google map page.
    • New ability to download a vCard file for a directory item for import into Microsoft Outlook.
    • Back-end Statistics collection and reporting of Views and Clicks for Listings and Categories.
    • Update to increase SEO, the category name and item name have been added to the system generated URLs.
  • EDTools Data Generator
    • Update to allow dynamic contact information to display in the Excel spread sheet reports.
  • Form Builder
    • Update to Authorize.NET payment gateway to include the last 4 digits of the submitted credit card number in notification emails.
    • Update to Moneris payment gateway to set the Paid flag on success so notification emails could be sent.
  • Listings
    • Module display now template driven and customizable for various markets.
    • New ability to override module CSS.
    • New custom capability to display extension specific data in any context on the listings displays.
    • New feature to display listings photos using new technology faded popups.
    • New feature to sort listings by custom data fields.
    • New capability for custom fields to take on different meaning based on type.
    • New ability to support custom tabs on front-end admin menu.
    • New ability to support custom listing options on the front-end admin Manage Listings.
    • Upgrade the listings Edit function so the default and extension fields can all be managed in a single step.
    • New ability to display and sort by extension/type specific data in the Manage Listings display.
    • New ability to set the listing title automatically based on specific extension fields.
    • Update to increase SEO, the Listing Title has been added to the system generated view URL.
  • Media Library
    • Update to auto-load (but not auto-play) the first item in the playlist.
    • Update to format display issue.
    • New ability to set the default sort field for the play list to be the Custom Field 1.
    • Upgrade to integrate the front end display into the language system to support multiple languages.
  • News Manager
    • New ability to select display format template when applying a news feed to a SiteApex page.
  • Questionnaire
    • Update to newest Scale type question to save answers on last step when page breaks used and Auto Save is off.

Apr. 14, 2011
  • Ad Manager
    • Update to use the Start and End dates more effectively.
    • Resolved issue with the edit Ad function to retain year on start/end date if changed.
  • Form Builder
    • Upgrade to support the unlock feature on file upload field to work with the mini-spam blocker.
    • Resolved a Total Charged display issue on View Response for a failed Moneris gateway transaction.
  • Javascript Page Menu
    • Resolved the menu flyout to appear on top of the ad rotator.

Apr. 7, 2011
  • Calendar
    • New option for event registrations to indicate the quantity attending on a single form submission.
  • Form Builder
    • New field type: "Quantity", accepts numeric responses only and works together with the calendar event attendee counter.
  • Form Builder PLug-in
    • Upgrade for the plug-in to use it's own mini spam blocker so it can be customized separately.
    • Update for javascript validation to work more effectively when using an image based submit button.
  • Indexed Articles
    • New feature to allow an Article to appear in multiple categories.
    • New admin feature to select multiple article categories for display on a page.
    • New front-end Indexed Category dynamic menu to support the display of multiple categories.
    • New ability to specify if an article should appear in the Indexed Articles Plug-in.
  • Job Postings
    • New integration with the language module to support multiple languages.
  • News Manager
    • Added more template placeholder support for photos and flexibility for custom news module displays.
    • New feature for displaying a random article as the featured article on the main news module display.
  • People Directory
    • New integration with the language module to support multiple languages.
  • Photo Album
    • Resolved display issue when the photo album is used on a page with the Coming Events plug-in.
    • New integration with the language module to support multiple languages.
  • Questionnaire
    • Resolved ordering position for scale question types.
    • Update to allow for a customized CSS overrides.
  • SiteApex Core
    • Resolved a missing category/page issue caused when it's parent was edited by another user simultaneously.
  • Shopping Cart
    • New Shipping Gateway available which calculates shipping charge based on a weight range calculated from product(s).
    • Update to numeric dollar 2 digit format on invoice display sub-total for even dollar amount.
    • Fixed a display issue in the coupon system when more than one product is in the cart.
    • Fixed a coupon issue when applying coupons to specific products with multiple quantities.

Feb. 23, 2011
  • Blog
    • Upgraded the new mini blog template to recognize the main blog files.
    • Enhanced the mini blog popup display.
  • EDTools Data Generator
    • Removed unwanted text multi-report display.
    • Updated excel reports to work without access to sessions or cookies for single page reports.
    • Corrected image display issue.
  • Form Builder
    • Update to add a 'Paid' column to the CSV exports.
  • Media & Resource Library
    • Added new excel export feature in Download History.
    • Added Delete Library feature to delete an entire library including any applicable directories and files.
  • Mini Calendar Plug-in
    • Added support for multiple calendars.
  • Shopping Cart
    • New support for displaying specially flagged items on one display.

Feb. 7, 2011
  • BBS
    • Signature display on replies now use the posting user's information rather than the current logged in user's information.
  • Coming Events Plug-in
    • Upgrade to support the ability to display Spots Remaining and Event Full.
  • EDTools Data Generator
    • Upgrade to the multi-region portal to display contact information on PDF reports more accurately.
    • Upgraded the ED Plans PDF report with better data handling when certain sections of the report were not available
  • Media & Resource Library
    • Updated the podcast feed generator to produce valid feed content more effectively.
  • Newsletter
    • Updated the database structure to support larger newsletters.
  • Photo Album
    • New feature to upload multiple photos instead of one at a time.
    • New drag and drop organize photos feature.
    • New interface for editing and deleting multiple photos at one time.
    • New ability to control the number of photo thumbnails wide on the photo album front end display for a specific album.
    • New ability to control the number of photo thumbnails displayed per page for a specific album.
    • Major improvements to all admin interfaces to increase convenience and flow.
    • New modal based image viewer replacing the existing default popup window viewer.
    • Update to always display the photo album Name and Description.

Jan. 20, 2011
  • BBS
    • Update to display the most recent replies on top.
    • Feature to hide email and website address when that option is selected in the user profile.
  • EDTools Data Generator
    • Upgraded Transportation report to better handle unexpected data.
  • Job Postings
    • Front-end output display upgrade to remove unsupported characters from display.
    • Upgrade to job view counter so it reports all views from all browsers.
  • News
    • Major upgrade to the Mini News and One Article plug-ins. All plugin options now self-managed from within SiteApex add/edit News Feed.

Jan. 5, 2011
  • Ad Manager
    • New control when your Ad is clickable to specify whether it opens link in a new window or the same window.
  • Calendar
    • Update to the Start Time and End Time fields to support no times being required.
  • Form Builder
    • New feature now available to display "Confirmation #" on the thank you message and in the sent emails.
  • Mini Blog Plug-in
    • Created a new display style to avoid conflict with Form Builder when on the same page.