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2010 Version Logs

SiteApex Change Log Version 4.06.00 - 4.08.04

Updates on SiteApex enhancements. Check out what our programmers have been up to!

Jan 20, 2011
  • Update to display the most recent replies on top.
  • Feature to hide email and website address when that option is selected in the user profile.
EDTools Data Generator
  • Upgraded Transportation report to better handle unexpected data.
Job Postings
  • Front-end output display upgrade to remove unsupported characters from display.
  • Upgrade to job view counter so it reports all views from all browsers.
  • Major upgrade to the Mini News and One Article plug-ins. All plugin options now self-managed from within SiteApex add/edit News Feed.
Jan 05, 2011
Ad Manager
  • New control when your Ad is clickable to specify whether it opens link in a new window or the same window.
  • Update to the Start Time and End Time fields to support no times being required.
Form Builder
  • New feature now available to display "Confirmation #" on the thank you message and in the sent emails.
Mini Blog Plug-in
  • Created a new display style to avoid conflict with Form Builder when on the same page.
Dec 07, 2010
Calendar Coming Events Plug-in
  • New feature to display a certain amount of characters from the event description.
  • New alternate view for displaying One Time Events with a start and end date.
  • Updated Post Ticket and View Ticket options to link to the new and improved support portal.
Media and Resource Library
  • Update to show the file details in the media player view.
  • Update to improve browser compatibility.
Dec 01, 2010
  • Security added to support the "addThis” social network toolbar on a secure page.
Job Postings
  • Display enhancement to allow the module to stretch to 100% page width.
  • Added the ability for our design partners to do a custom style override.
SiteApex Core
  • Meta keywords and descriptions now available on individual Categories and Pages.
Staff List
  • Formatting update to allow the "Email Me” Form to support configured rows and columns.
Nov 15, 2010
Ad Manager
  • New support for PNG image files.
  • New feature for rotating ads without the use of flash including transition and ordering options.
  • Created the ability to have direct links to individual blog posts with the title of the post included in the link for increased search engine optimization.
  • Added an addThis social network sharing plug-in per blog posting to increase social networking sharing options for your blog posts.
  • Core upgrade to allow a blog posts to exist in more than one category.
  • New blog module search feature.
  • New Mini Blog plug-in with optimum CSS styling ability and admin controlled plug-in options.
Form Manager
  • Fixed a bug to make new additional field type options available when adding a new form.
  • New payment gateway Payflow Pro.
Media and Resource Library
  • Fixed a bug when attempting to edit the base directory.
  • Update to disable auto-play of media files to reduce bandwidth transfer quota foot print.
  • Fixed a bug in the design to allow for large width displays.
  • Updated front end display to make the "Custom” field display only if it is being used.
  • New feature to allow questionnaire responses to be deleted within the View Responses report.
  • New ability to display final results when a questionnaire has been completed.
  • Added an overall average statistic for scale question types on the Summary Report.
SiteApex Core
  • New feature to replace spaces with dashes when creating the file name for a new Section, Category or Page.
Shopping Cart
  • Fixed a bug in the coupon system to make the specific groups and users coupon options work properly when adding a coupon in the checkout process.
  • Updated the language system (controls the labeling on fields and columns) to have a full set of wording for all existing and new sites.
Site Search
  • Revamped the search results to achieve optimum styling ability by utilizing a table-less design and new styles.
  • New pagination feature with configurable option of number of search results per page.
  • New ability for the site search to search any Directory module content existing on any applicable pages.
  • New ability for the site search to search any News module content existing on any applicable pages.
Oct 15, 2010
Form Builder
  • New Field! "Limited Single Choice” now available for limiting the numbers of times each response can be selected.
  • New Field! "File Upload” now available with built-in spam blocking security feature.
  • Upgrade to "Thank You Email” to send User Name and Password information.
  • Compatibility update to the confirm feature to work better on PHP/mySQL 5.
Data Generator
  • PDF reports upgraded to use contact information from the web service.
  • Various display updates to front end reporting and Excel reports when certain sections of reports have no data.
  • Update to Non-member reports that have no contact information to use the main site regional contact information.
  • Various display updates to Excel reports.
Resource & Media Library
  • Update to default colour picker for top level folders.
  • Update to front-end styling for icon display.
  • Update to resolve an issue with downloading and uploading secure files.
Oct 06, 2010
Form Builder
  • Upgraded to the newest PayPal API to receive Instant Payment Notification from PayPal before auto processing form responses.
  • Enabled new PayPal IPN feature on all sites.
Language System
  • Update to support HTML in labels and descriptions controlled by the language system.
Media & Resource Library
  • Update to ensure deleted files are removed from hosting account.
  • Update to ensure image thumbnails are resizing to scale.
  • New designer CSS formatting updates.
Sept 30, 2010
Release of the Media & Resource Library Module to all SiteApex accounts!

This module is based off the Resource Library Module and includes the following upgrades:

Updated Back-end Admin
  • Added links to the pages each library is installed on, for ease of tracking.
Updated Front-end Admin
  • Added knowledge-base help to the front-end admin.
  • Added ability to choose layouts and colours/styles for each folder.
  • Added ability to choose a thumbnail/default image for each folder.
  • Added ability to create up to two custom fields for each folder.
  • Added numerous fields
    (custom field, supplementary files, editable file date, etc) to the file administration.
Updated Public View
  • Replaced previous layout with updated "Classic File View".
  • Updated folder navigation with all new graphics and styles.
  • Added embedded media player view, including:
    - Play list with filtering and sorting of files.
    - Information box, displaying details about the currently selected file.
    - Thumbnail support for currently playing audio, as well as selected documents.
  • Includes support for numerous media and non-media file formats.
  • Includes minor improvements too numerous to mention.
Sept 24, 2010
External Navigation Link
  • Update to support https external links.
  • Update to support link target option in all menu types.
Form Builder
  • Three new additional field types: Title, Separator and Comment/Notice.
  • Update to date display formatting in php/mySQL 5.
  • Updated front end styling to have Arial as the default font instead of Verdana.
  • Admin update on edit form to auto collapse all editor fields.
SA Core
  • Update to Admin approval system to ensure categories and pages display when the parent is in Draft mode.
Shopping Cart
  • Update the coupon expiry notice functionality.
Version Synchronization
  • Update to resolve a display issue when on the home page.
Aug 20, 2010
  • Update to rename "Weekly” view to "Weekly Schedule”.
  • New Feature: "Weekly List” view now displays events with their time in a list per day of the week.
  • Update to add in 12am as a selectable start/end time.
  • New designer’s capability to style event time and event name individually.
  • Update to support https in news article URL field.
  • Update to Click-Thru reporting to support new server technology.
SiteApex Core
  • Updated labels on new navigation options.
  • Added help icons to new navigation options.
  • Add/edit Section/Category/Page will now retain page content after switching from a Module to a Normal Page page type.
Aug 16, 2010
  • SiteApex Core
    • Major Product Enhancement to allow meta description and keywords to be defined on each individual page.
    • Major Product Enhancement to the site navigation: sections, categories or pages can now be set to be non-clickable, avoiding those extra landing pages.
    • Additional Major Enhancement to the site navigation: sections, categories or pages can now be set to link to any specified internal or external URL.
Aug 11, 2010
  • Form Builder
    • Update to prevent unwanted duplicate submissions by disabling the submit button when clicked.
    • Update to Moneris thank you page to support standard form builder display and email options.
    • Update to PSiGate thank you page to support standard form builder display and email options.
  • User Import
    • Update to prevent a user from getting duplicate association records.
Jul 29, 2010
  • Ad Manager
    • Update to add/edit ad to support quotes within an HTML Ad.
  • Project Module
    • Upgrade admin leader dropdown to only display users from a single group.
  • Data Generator
    • Major upgrade to data handling for all html and excel output reports.
Jul 26, 2010
  • SiteApex Editor
    • Update to prevent line breaks from using improper syntax in IE.
    • Update to the Internal Site Links to insert links to the home page correctly.
  • Data Generator
    • Upgrade for Regional Portal Support.
    • New Multi-tab Excel exports.
    • Update to front-end output styling.
  • Form Builder
    • Update to order the Display Processed Responses by submission date.
    • Upgrade to Display Processed Responses to support pagination.
    • New Display Processed Responses plug-in.
  • Photo Album
    • Update to the Alternate view to remain vertically positioned on page when a picture is clicked.
  • Shopping Cart
    • Update to allow detailed view image to display without a name.
  • Version Syncronization
    • Updates so the marked home page uses index.php.
Jun 05, 2010
  • Security Upgrade
    • Added SiteApex login Security check to the internal admin asset manager code.
  • Shopping Cart
    • Update to reduce some blank invoices from happening.
    • Update to allow front-end templates to stretch 100% wide.
    • Update to create new styles to avoid conflict with main website styles.
May 12, 2010
  • One Article Plug-in
    • Update to enable the "Read More" link.
  • Questionnaire
    • New feature to provide Email Notification to questionnaire owner(s).
    • New Scale question type now available.
    • New flash based graph charts now provided in the Summary Report on Radio Button and Scale questions.
May 05, 2010
  • Ad Manager
    • Upgrade to record stat tracking in the database to increase performance.
  • BBS
    • Upgrade to the topics in order of most recent post/topic date.
  • BLOG
    • New feature for logged in users to leave comments on post.
    • New feature for logged in users to rate comments.
    • New feature to produce a RSS feed for a BLOG.
  • Calendar
    • Update to resolve End Date display on calendar events.
  • Data Generator
    • Various updates to improve output formatting.
  • Form Builder
    • Update to e-com transaction processor to support notification emails in post-back.
  • Library Module now Media Manager!
    • Substantial upgrade of Library module into the new Media Manager module.
    • New feature to play audio and video files on the page.
    • Various display upgrades to the front end interface.
    • New feature to produce Podcasts right from SiteApex!
  • SA Core
    • Update to the edit page to show custom modules in the Page Type selector more accurately.
  • SA Mass Update
    • Update to several modules to support mysql 5.
Mar 26, 2010
  • Calendar Plug-ins
    • Upgrade to Coming Events plug-in to support multiple calendars.
    • Update to Mini Calendar plug-in to display events more accurately.
  • Directory Module
    • Update to the admin interface to enhance performance.
  • Data Generator Module
    • New module for displaying community specific statistics for economic development purposes.
  • Form Builder Plug-in
    • Upgrade to support having the submit button/image appear beside the last field.
  • Library Module
    • Update to editing directories to retain parent directory's association.
    • Update to the icon definitions to support Office 2007 file extensions.
  • SiteApex Editor
    • Update to the Source View to not strip out double spaces on Apply/Ok.
  • One Article Plug-in
    • Upgrade to override the "read more" link.
Feb 2, 2010
  • Calendar
    • Upgrade to the Registration Event feature to support "Max Signups" and "Signups Are Per Day" functionality.
  • Lead Capture
    • New Custom Module Release which utilizes FormBuilder leads and Newsletter e-blasts to convert website visitors into customers/members.
  • SiteApex Editor
    • Update to the asset manager to make the OK button more accessible in IE.
  • SiteApex Security
    • Fixed a security vulnerability when attempting to login to SiteApex.
  • Shopping Cart
    • Update to the location based tax override to calculate taxes more accurately.
Jan 11, 2010
  • Calendar Module
    • Enhancements to meet W3C standards compliance.
  • Default SiteApex Styles
    • Update to CSS.
  • Form Builder
    • Cosmetic enhancement to the additional field interface to show separation between the fields.
  • Mini News Plugin
    • Update to the styling on the popup.
  • News Letter
    • New feature to view the unsubscribed list.
    • New feature to Re-Subscribe from the unsubscribed list.
    • New Duplicate News Letter feature.
    • Update to hide lead manaer generated news letter history items.
  • Questionnaire
    • Update to resolve a display issue when comparing an answer with quotes.
    • Front-end update so answers from previous pages not carried with auto save enabled.
  • SiteApex Publisher
    • Update to the publish screen output when publishing a page with no template selected.
  • Site Search
    • Efficiency upgrade to the site search.
  • Admin User Security
    • New feature to allow User Search.
    • Upgraded alpha and page sorting to work with searching and viewing by group.
    • New feature to allow sorting on the User list.
  • Version Syncronization Plugin
    • New front-end template plugin that will display a link for an applicable associated page.
Dec 04, 2009
  • News Manager
    • Upgrade coding standards to meet W3C and WCAG 2-AA compliance.
    • New Photo Alternative Text field.
    • Update to RSS writer to order items by post date.
    • Admin label changes.
  • Mini News Plugin
    • Upgrade coding standards to meet W3C and WCAG 2-AA compliance.
  • One Article News Plugin
    • Upgrade coding standards to meet W3C and WCAG 2-AA compliance.
  • Form Builder
    • Upgrade coding standards to meet W3C and WCAG 2-AA compliance.
  • Photo Album
    • Update to slideshow viewer to support new alt tags.
Nov 27, 2009
  • Editor Patch - Asset Manager
    • Update to fix a file upload limitation issue.
    • Update to make the display of the asset manager more compact.
  • Photo Album
    • Upgrade to provide a optional photo alternative text field.
    • Upgrade to meet W3C and WCAG 2.0 Level AA standards compliance.
  • Shopping Cart
    • Update to resolve issues involving the tax system when using coupons.
    • Update to resolve a display issue with the product's full description.
    • Update to resolve errors in the Statistics Tracking.
    • Update to the view cart display to show the correct labels for product extensions.
  • XCSS Menu
    • Update to resolve an issue involving section names starting with numbers.
Nov 13, 2009
  • File Manager
    • Upgrade to make front end W3C compliant.
  • Form Builder
    • Update to resolve an issue with double quotes and commas in the export data.
  • Editor Patch
    • Update to the asset manager to better handle long file names.
  • Mini Calendar Plugin
    • Update to the front end display to handle content from Microsoft Word.
  • News Manager
    • Update to the mini news' view popup to eliminate unwanted line breaks.
  • Shopping Cart
    • Upgrade to the download e-product display to implement the language system.
  • Spam Blocker
    • Update to the spam blocker display to output in higher quality.
  • XCSS Menu
    • Update to resolve a W3C compliancy issue with empty category menus.
  • Editor Patch
    • Update to fix numerous display issues in Internet Explorer.
  • Major SiteApex Editor Upgrade
    • Support for Safari/Chrome browsers.
    • Major enhancement to Paste from Word html cleaning tool.
    • Table grid lines is now supported in FF and Safari.
    • Switched to XHTML source mode for compliance.
    • Flash now visible object in the editor.
    • Support for windows media player.
    • Bigger editor box.
    • New Help icon for editor tutorials.
  • AD Manager
    • Active flag Yes/No now enabled.
    • Upgrade to the image resizing to improve results without skew.
    • New support for .swf flash files in the rotation.
    • Large upgrade to AD Stats collection and reporting.
    • New support for external HTML Ads from other systems.
  • BBSv2
    • Update to the admin to show 'Add' icons for bad words, bad usernames and smileys.
    • Update to the front end to provide protection against malicious visitors.
    • Updates to the default styles.
    • Updated default module configuration.
  • Calendar
    • New feature to allow designers better style control for viewing events.
  • Library
    • Update to resolve an issue in the download history when a file has been anonymously downloaded.
  • Shop Cart Coupon System
    • Update to resolve a quotes issue when selecting specific products.
  • Site Apex Core
    • Update to resolve an issue when using low level security assignments.
    • Updates to approval system when editing drafted pages.
  • Staff List
    • Update to the front end display to make table widths 100% instead of a fixed width.
  • New Mini Calendar 2.0 Template Plugin
    • Features a fully CSS based display with dynamic month switching in real time.
  • Form Builder Upgrade
    • Upgrade so the "From Page" field is a clickable link in the owner notification email and in the admin.
Sep 01, 2009
  • News Module Upgrades
    • Update to the RSS feeds to improve feed validation.
    • Upgrade to the News display to show 'Subscribe to RSS' link if RSS feed exists.
Aug 28, 2009
  • Calendar Event Registration Upgrade
    • New feature to update the event name when the maximum number of signups is reached.
    • Upgrade to form builder emails to include event information.
  • Library Module Upgrade
    • New feature to set additional public access rights on non-secure library pages.
Jul 31, 2009
  • Photo Album Update
    • Upgrade to display for enlarging an image.
  • SiteApex Core Update
    • Update to close bold tag when editing page contents.
  • Security Group Upgrade
    • New feature to display the number of users in each group.
  • Shop Cart Upgrades
    • New web traffic tracking and reporting.
    • Ability to view products by vendor.
    • New optional feature to display when a product is back ordered and/or sold out.
  • Staff List Upgrade
    • Validation has been added to the Email field to ensure valid email addresses are being used in contacting staff members.
  • Version Syncronization Upgrade
    • New feature to send email alerts when a page needs to be syncronized.
  • XCSS Upgrade
    • Upgrade for the page level menus to remember their parent category as well as which page it's currently on for custom styling.
  • Shop Cart E-Product
    • New feature which allows you to sell electronic products online.
May 06, 2009
  • Directory Module Upgrades
    • New CSV import feature.
    • Updates to resolve display issues in the Alphabetical mode.
  • Newsletter Update
    • Update to resolve an unsubscribe issue.
Apr 01, 2009
  • SiteApex Core Update
    • Update to move the Page Approval options to be above the submit button on add/edit Sections, Categories and Pages.
  • Seniority Module Update
    • Update to resolve a display issue when using Internet Explorer 7 & 8.