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Pre 2010 Version Logs

SiteApex Change Log Version 4.00.00 - 4.05.33

  • Staff List Update
    • Update to resolve a display issue on the front end.
  • Navigation System Upgrade (for Designers)The SiteApex Navigation System will now default to the new XCSS menu type when no database entry exists. Database records for templates are no longer required unless you want to use a menu type other than XCSS.
Jan 16, 2009
  • News Manager Upgrades
    • **New Feature** the SiteApex News Feed now produces an RSS news feed that clients can subscribe to!
    • Upgrade to enable the one article plugin to work together on the same page as the news module and not display the same News Article.
  • Security Interface Upgrade
    • New admin feature on the edit page to allow a link to a sign up page be specified on the secure login prompt. This will be extremely helpful if you have a secure Member’s Area and what to specify from the login prompt how they can signup to get access to that area.
  • Shopping Cart Update
    • Update to resolve a custom tax override display issue on invoices.
  • User Import Upgrade
    • New feature on import you can now specify whether existing users should get updated or not.
  • Update User Profile Module
    • New feature for providing secure users the ability to update their own information via a website page.
    • Site admin has the ability to control which fields are available for users to update on the update profile website page.
  • News Letter Updates
    • Update to resolve a history tracking issue.
    • Upgrade to allow non-alphabetic characters.
  • SiteApex Core Update
    • Security patch when deleting a page with specific security requirements.
  • SiteMap Update
    • New features to control the display of secure pages and/or reference pages.
  • Asset Manager Update
    • Update to resolve a issue with single quotes in file names.
  • Questionnaire Update
    • Update to the Instant Results feature.
  • SiteApex Core Update
    • Update to resolve a issue with the "Secured Via" label.
  • News Plug-in Update
    • New template based feature.
  • XCSS Menu Updates
    • New feature to have images in the menu.
    • Updates to the front end display.
  • Photo Album Update
    • Multiple updates to the front end photo display.
  • User Seniority/Grievance Module
    • New module to manage seniority and grievances among users.
  • Form Builder Updates
    • Update to "View Processed Results" display.
    • Update to "Auto-Process: Yes" form submissions.
  • Questionnaire Upgrades
    • New feature to allow a user to respond only once to a questionnaire.
    • Update to the "Show Instant Results" feature.
  • XCSS Menu Update
    • Update to ensure the menu abides by web standards.
    • New styling property for menu items.
    • New support for uploaded menu images.
  • Coming Events Plugin Update
    • New feature to show all applicable events from all calendars.
  • Form Builder Upgrades
    • New feature to display the form labels above the input field.
    • New feature to use the visitor submitted email address as the notify owner "From Address".
  • Library Module Upgrades
    • Multiple updates to the front end interface look and feel.
    • Update to the front end file edit functionality.
    • Security Upgrade.
  • Photo Album Upgrades
    • New styling and display upgrades to the slide show viewer.
  • Shop Cart Upgrade
    • New feature to apply location based tax rules to products.
  • Mini News Plugin Update
    • Multiple updates to the front end interface look and feel.
  • Library Module Updates
    • Update to security for downloads.
    • New download history tracking.
    • Upgrade to the front end interface look and feel.
  • Calendar Module Upgrades
    • New event search feature.
    • New feature to specify Start and End event times.
    • New optional feature to force events to have a unique date and time on a calendar.
    • New feature to place the events from multiple calendars on a single calendar display.
  • Indexed Articles Update
    • Update to the front end template to make display 100% wide.
  • News Manager Update
    • Update to resolve a news article photo upload issue
  • Questionnaire Upgrades
    • New feature to provide instant results and a correct answer reason after each step.
    • Update to resolve a issue in the View Responses report.
    • New feature to display a question above the answers.
  • Shopping Cart Upgrades
    • Upgrade to view multiple product images and enlarged views.
    • Upgrade to allow for a custom style sheet to be applied to the front end design.
  • Calendar Module Update
    • Update to the event registration display.
  • Directory Module Upgrades (Custom Module, Contact your sales representative for pricing.)
    • Various updates to enhancements to the front end design.
    • New feature to notify a site user of updates made to their Directory Listing.
  • Form Builder Upgrade
    • New multi-lingual support for the front end display.
  • Page Layout Module Upgrades
    • Major upgrade to allow the creation of Layout Categories to organize Layouts.
    • Styling and format update to SiteApex Admin.
  • BBS Module Upgrade
    • Added a new feature "Add Forum” in SiteApex Admin.
  • Photo Album Updates
    • Patch on the front end to display warning when no photo albums are available to be displayed.
    • Patch to the slide show viewer.
  • Site Map Module
    • New module for displaying a styled site map on the front end. Contact your sales representative for pricing.
  • Listings Module
    • New module for listing anything from cars to real estate! Contact your sales representative for pricing.
  • XCSS Menu System
    • New dynamic CSS based menu system.
  • News Module
    • New multi-lingual support for the front end display as well as News plug-ins.
  • Mini News Plugin
    • New feature to override the standard layout with a custom template file.
  • Coming Events Calendar Plugin
    • Update to improve front-end layout.
  • People Directory
    • Update to Edit Profile.
    • Admin Upgrade to improve pagination.
  • Shopping Cart
    • New feature to send a copy of an invoice to a predetermined email address.
  • Photo Album Upgrade
    • New Feature to show photo albums using an alternate view.
  • Version Syncronization Module
    • New custom module for managing page versions. Contact for pricing.
  • BBV2 Update                                    
    • Update to resolve a page level issue.
  • Calendar Upgrades                                    
    • New feature to display links in the same window.
    • New feature to display spots available on registration events.
  • Form Builder Upgrades
    • New feature to handle data place holders in the thank you email to be used by the front end.
    • Update to collect the page name or calendar event name when you submit a form.
    • Update to resolve a response counting issue
    • Update to resolve a issue with the registration event in the same window.
  • Indexed Artile Plugin
    • New plugin to display indexed articles.
  • One Article News Plugin Upgrades
    • New feature to show all featured articles at random.
  • Questionnaire CSV Download Report Update           
    • Update to resolve a file inclusion issue.
  • Questionnaire Update
    • Update to resolve spelling issues.
  • Site Search Upgrade
    • New feature to allow search results to appear in the same window or new window.
  • User System Interface Upgrades
    • Upgraded user display.
  • Photo Album Module Updates
    • Update to resolve a issue on adding and editing photos.
  • Shopping Cart Upgrades
    • New product category secure login feature.
    • Update to show a link for user uploaded product extensions on an invoice.
    • New Order search and filtering capabilities.
    • Update to re-order the Payment Gateway selector based on the folder name.
    • Update to resolve a subtotal display issue on the Thank You display.
  • League Module
    • New custom module for managing a sports league. Contact Us for pricing.
  • BBV2 Upgrade
    • Update to resolve a reply count issue.
  • Directory2 Upgrades
    • Created new fields for a Directory Listing item.
    • New Directory search feature.
  • Job Posting Upgrades
    • New JavaScript validation for uploading files.
    • Update to resolve a manage job issue.
  • People Directory Upgrade
    • Upgraded the content builder to use some new template place holders.
  • Photo Album Upgrades
    • Photo Album front end is now CSS driven.
    • Update to resolve a slide show javascript issue.
  • Poll Plugin Upgrade
    • Upgrade to make the Poll Plugin title configurable.
  • Questionnaire Upgrades
    • New score column to the View Responses report.
    • New Correct/Inncorrect columns to the View Results area.
    • New Label in the Manage Questionnaire area to show the correct answer.
  • Site Search Upgrade
    • Update to resolve a index page searching issue.
  • Calendar: Weekly View
    • Update to resolve a year-end event spanning issue.
  • FormBuilder CSV Export Upgrade
    • Included the response ID in the exports.
  • Secure News Plugin
    • Upgrade to support a news article pop-up on a secure page.
  • Photo Album
    • Design layout change, the default table widths now are 100% instead of 770 pixels.
  • New Poll Plugin
    • New plugin that works with the questionnaire module to display a real-time poll. This powerful module is available for purchase. Contact your Sales Rep today.
  • User Administration
    • Resolved a quote issue on Add/Edit User.
  • Shop Cart 2 List Item Upgrade
    • This upgrade to the shopping cart will allow the user to attach a specific price difference to a list item.
  • Shop Cart 2 Tax Calculation Change
    • The shop cart 2 system will no longer calculate tax on shipping charges.
  • Secure Plugins Upgrade
    • Upgrade to support plugins on a secure page.
  • Mini News Feed
    • Resolved variable conflict with the photo album module.
  • Info Button Upgrades
    • This upgrade is adding info buttons to the following systems                                                
      • Calendar
      • Form Builder
      • File Manager
      • Blog
      • Photo Album
      • Staff List
      • Section / Category / Page Editor
  • Shop Cart 2 Product Extension Re-Write
    • This re-write will allow the following extension options                                                
      • File Upload
      • Photo Manipulation
      • Text Input
      • Lists
      • Multi-Select Lists
      • Check Boxes
      • Radio Buttons
  • People Directory
    • This will add the new people directory to SiteApex
  • Multi Select Tool Upgrade
    • This upgrade will allow you to use the multi-select tool (built into Form.class.php) to do custom ordering as well now.
  • Layout Manager/Form Builder Upgrade
    • This upgrade will increase the standard interface size to 770 and will now allow the last item in the header (from the buildList command) to be span'd over x rows by passing it a 3rd variable telling it how many rows to span
    • The Form Builder is the first interface to get this upgrade
    • Patch to the Form Builder edit upgrade, to allow the user to edit fields that the end user did not fill in originally.
  • Impatica Oncue Fix
    • Code was replacing ' ' with '-' for html file names. Removed that so the html name is the same as the zip file name.
  • Devotional Upgrades
    • Add a template plugin that will display today's devotional, and allow the user to click and view a javascript popup window (non popup) that will contain all of the devotional information
    • Upgrade the devotional module's front-end to look and feel a lot more like the blog
    • Upgrade the devotional module's back-end to add pagination
  • Calendar Mod Fix