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Changelog Version 7.5.5
  • Form Builder
    • New ability to manually edit the payment type in submitted responses.
    • Update to add additional fields which caused data to copy into new fields in certain circumstances.
    • Update to resolve form preview display issue when multiple list fields present.
  • Media & Resource Library
    • Resolved issue that prevented deleting library files in certain conditions.
  • News Manager
    • Update to restore sorting order on Show All lists.
  • Shopping Cart
    • Update to UPS Shipping gateway to multiply the product weight by quantity when determining total weight.
  • SiteApex Editor
    • Update to resolve PHP warnings when trying to find custom editor styles in certain conditions.
  • SiteApex Mobile
    • Added warning/instruction message on Publish, when a mobile template has not been selected.
    • Added default mobile template, when no template is selected, to prevent publishing errors.
    • Upgrade to provide improved SEO mobile redirecting rules:
      • If mobile visitor arrives on full site page with no mobile version, they will stay on the page they want to see instead of being redirected to the mobile home page.
      • If mobile visitor arrives on full site page with a mobile version, they will be redirected to the mobile version instead of the mobile home page.
  • SiteApex Templates
    • Update to add support for template tag for custom placement of the section name.