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Changelog Version 5.7.9
  • Directory
    • New directory "Export to CSV" feature.
    • Updated CSV importer to handle multiple category associations.
    • Updated list of directory item fields available when importing.
  • ED Tools Data Generator
    • Resolved a Transportation report issue that could display a warning message if Railway information was incomplete.
    • Improved data verification causing problems with PDF reports on two servers.
    • Resolved data migration issue that affected EDPlans Excel spreadsheets for a small number of sites.
  • Facebook Plug-in
    • New optional Height field.
  • Form Builder
    • Upgraded event registrations emails to display event names.
    • Upgraded event notification email processing for "cheque" payments.
    • Upgraded optional "user return email address" for form notifications, making it easy for site administrators to simply reply to notifications to contact the user.
  • Security System Upgrades
    • New high level selection list on add/edit group.
    • New user selection list on add/edit group.
    • New low level secure items display based on a SiteMap view when adding/editing groups.
    • Deleting a security group with users has 4 options for handling the users in the group to be deleted:
      • Delete users that aren't in any other groups
      • Delete all users regardless of other group associations
      • Move users to an existing group
      • Move users to a new group
    • New real time validation on add/edit users to ensure a unique user name is present.
    • User Name and Password is now a required field.
    • New password generator option on add/edit user.
    • New password strength indicator.
    • New password strength requirement.
    • New group association display on add/edit users.
    • Changing username and password of the user your logged in with won't log you out anymore.
    • New confirmation dialog when saving a user with no group associations specified.
    • User importer now requires you to specify a group.
    • User importer now requires password options to be specified.
  • XCSS Menu
    • "Make this Page non-clickable" correction to resolve display issue with <li></li> elements in the generated menu code.