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Change log version 6.1.12
  • Ad Rotator
    • Changed sequential ordering to order by Ad Name field instead of the description.
    • Resolved click-through URL feature for \"open in new window\".
    • Resolved rotate=No option.
    • Auto removal of unused ad campaign sizes in the admin.
    • Upgrade to improve accuracy of ad view tracking.
    • Enhancement to dynamic styles to allow controls to float below or beside the ads.
  • Blog
    • Update to resolve errors when managing posts in a category.
  • Calendar
    • Upgrade to prevent event remaining spots from displaying on custom templates.
    • Enhancement to improve WCAG 2.0 Accessibility for Calendars and Coming Events.
    • Resolved warning message displaying in certain cases on event popups.
    • Update to accurately display when a recurrence is full in the weekly schedule calendar view.
    • Resolved positioning issue for default mini-calendar popups.
  • ED Tools Data Generator
    • Resolved a display issue that prevented additional campus information from displaying for universities and colleges with more than one campus.
  • Mobile
    • Upgrade of mobile Publish to greatly enhance the look and features of converted page contents.
    • New feature to evaluate and auto-set \"full site\" and \"mobile site\" links.
    • Support for linking to files uploaded via asset manager.
    • Support for PNG logos.
  • News Manager
    • Resolved an issue with expiration dates.
  • Newsletter
    • Update to make mailing process more efficient.
    • Update to restore the ability to select multiple groups when sending a newsletter.
    • Enhancement to click-through link generation to be more accurate.
  • Questionnaire Poll Plugin
    • New option added on Submit to display the correct answer(s) for poll.
  • SiteApex Editor
    • Update to make editor height display properly in Internet Explorer 9.
  • SiteApex Landing Pages
    • Update to remove image bordering occurring in some browsers.
  • SiteApex Language System
    • Added security measures to eliminate a possible injection vulnerability.
  • Security
    • Major enhancement to provide module low level security restrictions. Form Builder is the first module supported in this release. Admin feature to restrict Group access to individual forms.