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April 17, 2012
  • Form Builder
    • Updated the captcha spam blocker image to display correctly when form builder is used in an event registration.

April 13, 2012
  • Blog
    • Fixed a minor style issue that occasionally caused the "View All" button to appear incorrectly.
  • ED Tools Data Generator
    • Made several layout changes to the Major Employers/Military Base report to improve the display of information.
    • Fixed a discrepancy between the left and right Railroads columns in the Market Access report.
    • Replaced some hard coded transportation widths with percentages to improve the flow of wider content.
    • Added missing units of measurement to Port depths.
    • Updated the Utilities and Labour Force Development reports to shorten long display urls to display the domain only. This solves some issues where domains were wrapping or causing layout problems. Note that the actual link continues to work as before.
  • Form Builder
    • Update to ensure the Group Join Date sets properly when processing new registrations.
    • New Update Form Responses plugin.
    • Fixed issue where captcha images would not display on secure pages.
    • Added strongly encrypted form field support to FormBuilder using a stored cipher.
  • Lead Manager
    • Compatibility update to meet newer server standards.
  • Listings
    • Update to add some missing javascript required for numeric extension validation.
    • Update to resolve general extension display issues.
  • Questionnaire
    • Updated admin emails to display questionnaire responses properly.
  • SiteApex Core
    • Upgrade to prevent creation of duplicate pages when two people edit the same page at the same time.
    • New confirmation screen to notify you when someone makes changes to the current page you are working on.
    • Update to ensure page edits always pull up the proper record.
  • SiteApex Editor
    • Updated the internal links feature to work properly when the editor is used on a front end page.
  • Staff List
    • Update to make a staff member image optional when adding new staff members.
  • Template Manager
    • Update to add a missing image on the Choose Your Plugin screen.

March 15, 2012
  • Calendar
    • Update to clean up some minor PHP errors from displaying on registration events when viewed in a popup.
  • News Manager
    • Update to ensure featured article photo folder exists on all sites.
  • SiteApex Editor
    • Update to resolve an editor display issue in IE9.
  • Site Map Module
    • Added drop down for selecting number of display columns in module admin.
  • Shopping Cart
    • Added new report to list ordered items by vendor to simplify the reordering process.
    • Fixed an administration issue where download status would not always update for very large files.
    • Updated the admin invoice display to look exactly as the customer would see them.
    • Updated product search in Shopping Cart admin to support partial matching of criteria to product name and number, and display a list of matches.
    • Updated product search in public store to break search results into manageable page sizes.
    • Limited "Browse All" searches to 3000 products in order to prevent unresponsive pages.
  • Template Manager
    • Update to hide the backups folder from the template drop down when editing pages as well as the template list in the Template Manager.

February 29, 2012
  • Ad Rotator
    • Enabled on all sites!
    • Created new Ad Rotator page type. Note: If you have requirements not met by the page type please contact your designer about switching to use the plugin instead.
  • BLOG
    • Upgrade to further improve RSS feed standards compliance.
  • Calendar
    • Fixed an issue that could cause the "View Responses" option to not display for some calendar registration events.
    • Updated response filtering to make it easier to list responses within limited time frames.
    • Changed pre-registration to display signup forms the number of days, and optionally use a registration start time on the first day of registration.
    • Upgrade to support multiple languages.
    • Upgraded calendar display to cap monthly navigation at several years ahead of time to prevent search engines from endlessly crawling calendar pages causing high server load.
  • News Manager
    • Update to feature photo upload function to comply with newer server standards.
  • Photo Album
    • Update to resolve an issue when the photo album and ad rotator existed on the same page causing the modal popups to not work.

February 14, 2012
  • Listings
    • Update to module to comply with SiteApex 5.0.10 standards.
  • Media Library
    • Update to the "Download Once" feature for files on a non-secure page.
  • Mini News
    • Update to resolve display issue on older custom plug-in templates.
    • Update to support title display when multiple plug-ins exist on the same page.
  • Shopping Cart
    • Added check to eliminate ability to "Update Quantity" in excess of available inventory.
    • Updated the default sorting on Manage Orders to be by Order Number descending.
    • Update to improve display in the Manage Orders area.
    • Updated the invoice display to show product specific coupon discounts properly.
  • SiteApex Core
    • Update to "Publish" function to eliminate warning messages on some sites.
  • Site Search
    • Update to the search engine to verify live page existence before including it in the search results.

February 1, 2012
  • Blog
    • Added support for more special characters in the RSS feed.
    • Added plugin support to the Blog, allowing for very customized output.
    • Updates to resolve a few technical coding issues.
  • Calendar
    • Update to resolve a styling issue in the Mini Calendar plugin released in 5.0.10.
    • Update to resolve display issue when multiple Coming Event plugins are displayed on the same page.
  • Media Library
    • Update to resolve an issue specific to Firefox preventing file downloads.
  • Shopping Cart
    • Update to resolve an issue specific to Firefox preventing e-product downloads.
  • Template Manager
    • Update to resolve an issue specific to Firefox preventing template downloads.

January 31, 2012
  • Ad Rotator
    • For Accessibility, added alt and title text to images and links.
  • Calendar
    • Resolved warning message display on the older servers.
  • ED Tools Data Generator
    • Upgrade to make module compatible with newer server technology.
    • Improved accessibility for HTML and Excel reports.
  • Indexed Articles
    • Resolved issue on Add Article when date field was left blank.
  • Listing Module
    • Upgrade to csv file exporter.
    • Added anti-spam support for contact owner/agent forms, using captcha's, now set On as the default.
    • Improved listing support for Google Map's, optionally using the listing owner's address.
    • Upgrade the "contact the seller" emails sent to the listing owner's profile email address.
    • Resolved a potential browser issue for users inquiring on multiple listings during a single site visit.
  • Media Library
    • Upgraded "Download Once Only" feature to support users who were not logged in.
    • Upgraded "Undock" feature of the media library to resolve reported issue.
    • Resolved a quotes display issue in the media list.
  • Questionnaire
    • Upgraded the Questionnaire module to improve security and allow administrators to optionally prevent users from changing previously submitted answers. The default is set to allow users to edit their previously submitted answers.
  • Shopping Cart
    • Changed how "Process Unpaid" lists outstanding payments owed to an Affiliate.
    • Added additional reporting and Excel spreadsheet exports.
    • Resolved warnings messages to the administrator when sending invoices on newest servers.
    • Added currency support to the PayPal payment gateway.
    • Added a new default Product Importer. csv format accepts category name, product id, product name, product number, product description and product price.
  • SiteApex Core
    • New SiteApex design refresh!
      • New SiteApex default brand.
      • New navigation bar for all other brands.
      • New left aligned menu icons.
      • New CSS3 based styles.
      • Improved SiteMap display.
    • Re-named modules in the admin list, remove word "Manage" so they sort alphabetically.
    • New ability to automatically display the edit screen when clicking on an item in the Site Map.
    • Resolved issue for optional redirect feature when you Deleted a page.
    • New Admin Dashboard with Messaging, Quicklinks and Website Usage Indicators.
  • SiteApex Support
    • New landing page for the Help section of SiteApex for more convenient access to help and support.
    • New Support Website!
      • Created new online support website at
      • Site is dedicated to support making it easier to navigate and find the information you need.
      • Searchable and categorized knowledgebase of articles and how-to's.
      • Video tutorials.
      • Site framework in place to continue expanding the knowledgebase into the future.
  • Template Manager
    • New module for uploading and managing page templates!
      • All standard plugins are now accessible and fully managed in the Plugins option per template.
      • New fluid approach to plugin management to provide convenient options at every step of the way to greatly improve user experience.
      • New Social Media plugin for the Facebook Like Box widget.
      • New Social Media plugin for Twitter.
      • New HTML Editor plugin.
      • New Custom plugin for any other third party widget/plugin you want to use (ex YouTube, addThis, Flickr, Google Maps etc).
      • Convert existing templates to be compatible with the new Plugin management tool at the click of a button.
      • Ability to Restore a backup of a converted template.
      • Swap one template for another across multiple pages.
      • Upload your new/existing templates directly in SiteApex.
      • Download your templates with a single mouse click.
      • See all the pages a template is currently in use on.
      • Duplicate a template using the Clone feature.
    • Standardized styles for all plug-ins.
    • New feature to administer plugin styles directly from SiteApex in a easy to use styles editor! No more scraping around to find where to change a style!
      • Real time preview using the default plugin layout.
      • New colour picker for picking your own text, background, link and link roll over colours.
      • Advanced styles editor with the ability to preview your own CSS using the default plugin layout.
      • New technology to read, modify and save a custom CSS file!

November 1, 2011
  • Calendar
    • Added admin ability to split recurring events into individual events that can be edited separately.
    • Added the admin ability to mass delete events from the main event list.
    • Updated the admin event list to display events by month/year.
    • Updated the admin event list to optionally filter by Title Search keyword.
    • Recurring events display in the admin listing with * after their date.
    • When filtering event list in the admin by year/month, the list updates realtime.
    • Resolved issue with setting of new event default year.
  • Mini Calendar Plug-in
    • Update to resolve a coding issue when only one calendar was to be displayed.
  • Mini Calendar
    • Update to display when booked events are full.
  • Fancybox (used in Photo Album and Listings)
    • Added print icon to fancy modal popups.
  • Form Builder
    • New ability to specify a character limit for Short/Long Text fields.
    • New ability to send notification email to different email addresses based on user selection of a multi-select field type.
  • Learning Module
    • Added an HTML Editor to the page items.
    • Redesigned the admin interface to display Course/Chapter/Page in a hierarchical list.
  • Listings
    • Update to the default installer to have the Sold option work on new installs.
  • Media Library
    • Resolved cross-browser issue that prevented undocked player from working.
  • News Manager
    • Improved the XML format to allow News RSS feeds to validate via including new options for mobile devices.
    • Reorganized some admin interfaces to make setting up valid RSS feeds easier.
    • Fixed a "last updated" date issue caused by date format differences between servers.
  • Shopping Cart
    • New payment gateway now available for SecurePay customers.
    • NEW Shopping Cart Affiliate system now available.
      • Add/Edit Affiliates
      • % or Fixed Amount Commission options
      • sticky session to remember and track where your sales referrals came from
      • advanced reporting to track your affiliate sales and payments
    • Removed locations from tax name in admin tax override multi-select box so the box will no longer need to stretch.
  • Staff List
    • Resolved a code conflict with new Ad Rotator on same page affecting email me function.

October 3, 2011
Form Builder
  • Added the Paid Yes/No value to display on the View Response.
  • New system field added for Birthday in conjunction with the addition of Birthday to the SiteApex User account profile.
Lead Capture
  • Introducing the launch of our newest module which has been designed to help you convert your contacts into members/customers. This module allows you to build a systematic e-mail campaign to automatically contact and follow-up with your leads.
  • Use the following new Trigger Types to pre-schedule your lead capture campaign:
  1. Send a newsletter automatically based on number of days after someone has filled in one of your Forms.
  2. Send a newsletter automatically based on the number of days after someone has been add to a Group.
  3. Send a newsletter to a Group automatically on a specific date.
  4. Send a newsletter automatically on a person's birthday!
  • Update to ensure scale based questions are saving properly when the Auto Save feature is enabled.
  • Upgraded the Auto Save feature to work anonymously (previously required secured user login).
SiteApex Editor
  • Update to force no border (border="0") code by default on images when no border is specified (needed for IE Browser).
SiteApex Users
  • New field for Birth Date.
  • New field for Join Date.
Shopping Cart
  • Updated the Check,, Moneris, PSiGate payment gateways to interact with the Product Inventory System by reducing inventory levels on successful payment.
  • Updated install script to enable the Check Payment gateway as the default gateway when a Shopping Cart is first setup.
September 15, 2011
  • Enabled anonymous access for viewing topics.
  • Added code to support ability to hide Login related features to support running BBS in anonymous mode.
  • New Reply sort option to enable sorting by newest replies on top or on the bottom.
Mini Calendar Plug-in
  • Update to resolve a coding issue when only one calendar was to be displayed.
SiteApex Editor
  • Upgraded asset manager to support the new server upload limit of 200.
August 26, 2011
  • Resolved issue with certain categories and single post views that were conflicting with ability to do direct linking to Blog posts.
  • Security update to ensure the ID values being passed to the calendar module and plugins accept only our expected code, rejecting all other.
  • Security update to calendar search to address possible XSS vulnerability.
  • Update to remove html code comments.
Form Builder
  • Update to the Moneris Payment Gateway to force proper numeric dollar format.
  • Added Paid column to the csv export reports.
Indexed Articles
  • New articles appear at the top of the list.
  • New ordering arrow to push the first article to the bottom of the list.
  • New ordering arrow to push the last article to the top of the list.
  • Updated listing response email functionality for "Contact Agent/Owner" notifications.
Media & Resource Library
  • Added ascending and descending defaults for titles and dates in the media list.
  • Update to Newsletter admin to support the display of click-through details on very long, complex URLs.
Shopping Cart
  • Upgrade to the new PayPal gateway to support instant payment notification(IPN). This will automatically update order records to Paid if the transaction was completed successfully.
Data Generator
  • Upgrade to the Incentives Excel report to support unexpected data.
  • Updated code from IP Address to Domain Name in prep for hardware upgrade.
June 28, 2011
  • Update to restore image uploads for blog posts.
Form Builder
  • Update to the Moneris gateway to carry Moneris post back details to form processing following recent enhancement.
  • Resolved issue causing the extensions to not load properly when a type is selected on add/edit listing.
  • Resolved issue causing the add/edit listings Submit button not to function when there aren't any required extensions.
Media & Resource Library
  • Updated the default styles to prevent supplemental file descriptions from getting cut off in the "classic" file view.
June 16, 2011
  • Added multi-user support, allowing more than one person to manage and post to a given blog.
  • Added moderated posts, allowing for posts to be previewed before they display to the public.
  • Added Blog profiles for all users, allowing everyone who can post to a blog to have a personal profile.
  • Updated the Blog profiles to show more information about the user, including recent posts and comments.
Business Directory
  • Update to resolve category link where in certain cases the category links back to the home page.
File Manager
  • Security update to block scripts/PHP files from being uploaded.
  • Security update to ensure ID values passed disallow mysql injection code.
Form Builder
  • Display update to the Single Choice (Button) field to wrap text properly.
  • Security upgrade to disallow posts containing javascript tags.
  • Security upgrade for the file upload field to disallow php, javascript, and pearl files to be uploaded.
Indexed Articles
  • Resolved sort order issue causing the delete article function to fail in certain cases.
  • Removed blank row on the front end article display in place of a deactive article.
  • Addressed quotes issue causing the activate/deactivate function to fail in certain cases.
  • Security update to eliminate Cross Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability in the module's search function.
  • Security update to eliminate mysql injection vulnerabilities.
  • Resolve issue in Delete listing function causing user associations to get deleted if the listing ID was the same value as a user ID.
  • Resolve issue in Add Listing function when the listing agent is not enabled.
  • Added field labels in the Responses admin area.
  • Updated front end listings display issue in specific versions of browsers.
Mini News Plug-in
  • Update to the default display to move certain design elements into the styles for greater flexibility.
News Manager
  • Update to front-end display to handle situation where a current feed ID hasn't been supplied.
  • Security update to eliminate Cross Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability in passing of the module's variables.
  • Security update to eliminate mysql injection vulnerabilities.
SiteApex Core
  • Upgrade to actually delete the page file when a page is deactivated. Upon activation a site Publish must be done to re-write the file.
SiteApex Editor
  • New designer ability to override the width of the editor display in the admin to suit the size of your contents area per page template!
  • New icons and tool bar layout.
  • Fixed a color picker positioning issue in floating/overflow element.
  • Added rel attribute in Insert Hyperlink.
  • IE9 compatible!
  • New Insert Youtube video feature.
  • New Auto Table Format feature.
  • New Clean word tag feature on paste (CTRL+V).
  • Resolved full screen view and some formatting issues in Firefox and Safari/Chrome.
  • New dragable height resizer located on the bottom of the editor's display (does not retain any resized heights).
  • Resolved bullets to work in all browsers. IMPORTANT NOTE: IE users now need to hit shift+enter to create a single line break.
  • Resolved style selector issue.
  • Resolved search/replace in source view.
  • Resolved background image issue for tables in Safari/Chrome.
  • Resolved a tag issue in HTML full source editing.
Shopping Cart
  • New Tiered Discount feature. Provides up to ten discount levels based on order total before taxes.
  • New Auto Coupon feature to automatically apply a coupon to a shopping cart without a coupon needing to be entered.
Site Search
  • Security update to eliminate Cross Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability
May 25, 2011
  • Upgrade to the event Search to ignore past events in the search results.
  • Update to include the event name and start time in registration event emails.
Coming Events Plug-in
  • Update to optionally allow for HTML to display in the coming events shortened description.
  • Module display now template driven and customizable for various markets.
  • New ability to override module CSS.
  • New capability to control item sorting.
  • New ability to specify Hot Links (additional links) for a directory item.
  • Integration with Google Maps to pop-up and place a Listing on a map (Google API Key required).
  • New ability to display a different map link with a URL directly to a external google map page.
  • New ability to download a vCard file for a directory item for import into Microsoft Outlook.
  • Back-end Statistics collection and reporting of Views and Clicks for Listings and Categories.
  • To increase SEO, the category name and item name have been added to the system generated URLs.
EDTools Data Generator
  • Update to allow dynamic contact information to display in the Excel spread sheet reports.
Form Builder
  • Update to Authorize.NET payment gateway to include the last 4 digits of the submitted credit card number in notification emails.
  • Update to Moneris payment gateway to set the Paid flag on success so notification emails could be sent.
  • Module display now template driven and customizable for various markets.
  • New ability to override module CSS.
  • New custom capability to display extension specific data in any context on the listings displays.
  • New feature to display listings photos using new technology faded popups.
  • New feature to sort listings by custom data fields.
  • New capability for custom fields to take on different meaning based on type.
  • New ability to support custom tabs on front-end admin menu.
  • New ability to support custom listing options on the front-end admin Manage Listings.
  • Upgrade the listings Edit function so the default and extension fields can all be managed in a single step.
  • New ability to display and sort by extension/type specific data in the Manage Listings display.
  • New ability to set the listing title automatically based on specific extension fields.
  • To increase SEO, the Listing Title has been added to the system generated view URL
Media Library
  • Update to auto-load (but not auto-play) the first item in the playlist.
  • Update to format display issue.
  • New ability to set the default sort field for the play list to be the Custom Field 1.
  • Upgrade to integrate the front end display into the language system to support multiple languages.
News Manager
  • New ability to select display format template when applying a news feed to a SiteApex page.
  • Update to newest Scale type question to save answers on last step when page breaks used and Auto Save is off.
Apr 14, 2011
Ad Manager
  • Update to use the Start and End dates more effectively.
  • Resolved issue with the edit Ad function to retain year on start/end date if changed.
Form Builder
  • Upgrade to support the unlock feature on file upload field to work with the mini-spam blocker.
  • Resolved a Total Charged display issue on View Response for a failed Moneris gateway transaction.
Javascript Page Menu
  • Updated the menu dropdown to appear on top of the ad rotator.
Apr 07, 2011
  • New option for event registrations to indicate the quantity attending on a single form submission.
Form Builder
  • New field type: "Quantity”, accepts numeric responses only and works together with the calendar event attendee counter.
Form Builder Plug-in
  • Upgrade for the plug-in to use it’s own mini spam blocker so it can be customized separately.
  • Update for javascript validation to work more effectively when using an image based submit button.
Indexed Articles
  • New feature to allow an Article to appear in multiple categories.
  • New admin feature to select multiple article categories for display on a page.
  • New front-end Indexed Category dynamic menu to support the display of multiple categories.
  • New ability to specify if an article should appear in the Indexed Articles Plug-in.
Job Postings
  • New integration with the language module to support multiple languages.
News Manager
  • Added more template placeholder support for photos and flexibility for custom news module displays.
  • New feature for displaying a random article as the featured article on the main news module display.
People Directory
  • New integration with the language module to support multiple languages.
Photo Album
  • Resolved display issue when the photo album is used on a page with the Coming Events plug-in.
  • New integration with the language module to support multiple languages.
  • Resolved ordering position for scale question types.
  • Update to allow for a customized CSS overrides.
SiteApex Core
  • Resolved a missing category/page issue caused when it’s parent was edited by another user simultaneously.
Shopping Cart
  • New Shipping Gateway available which calculates shipping charge based on a weight range calculated from product(s).
  • Update to numeric dollar 2 digit format on invoice display sub-total for even dollar amount.
  • Fixed a display issue in the coupon system when more than one product is in the cart.
  • Fixed a coupon issue when applying coupons to specific products with multiple quantities.
Feb 23, 2011
  • Upgraded the new mini blog template to recognize the main blog files.
  • Enhanced the mini blog popup display.
EDTools Data Generator
  • Removed unwanted text multi-report display.
  • Updated excel reports to work without access to sessions or cookies for single page reports.
  • Corrected image display issue.
Form Builder
  • Update to add a 'Paid' column to the CSV exports.
Media & Resource Library
  • Added new excel export feature in Download History.
  • Added Delete Library feature to delete an entire library including any applicable directories and files.
Mini Calendar Plug-in
  • Added support for multiple calendars.
Shopping Cart
  • New support for displaying specially flagged items on one display.
Feb 07, 2011
  • Signature display on replies now use the posting user's information rather than the current logged in user's information.
Coming Events Plug-in
  • Upgrade to support the ability to display Spots Remaining and Event Full.
EDTools Data Generator
  • Upgrade to the multi-region portal to display contact information on PDF reports more accurately.
  • Upgraded the ED Plans PDF report with better data handling when certain sections of the report were not available.
Media & Resource Library
  • Updated the podcast feed generator to produce valid feed content more effectively.
  • Updated the database structure to support larger newsletters.
Photo Album
  • New feature to upload multiple photos instead of one at a time.
  • New drag and drop organize photos feature.
  • New interface for editing and deleting multiple photos at one time.
  • New ability to control the number of photo thumbnails wide on the photo album front end display for a specific album.
  • New ability to control the number of photo thumbnails displayed per page for a specific album.
  • Major improvements to all admin interfaces to increase convenience and flow.
  • New modal based image viewer replacing the existing default popup window viewer.
  • Update to always display the photo album Name and Description.

Archived Version Logs