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SiteApex 9.13

Banner Ad Rotator

  • Updated to improve the format of text descriptions in rotator layout.


  • Update to error handling for default "no photo" on a profile.


  • *New Feature* - URL Rewriting for Blog posts and News articles now modernized!
    • Ex: Previous URL ""
      New URL: ""
  • Update to improve CSS styles.
  • Update to ‘View All’ link logic.
  • Update to eliminate 404 requested CSS files.


  • Update to restore ‘Add Event’ functionality on front end administration.
  • Added custom support for displaying locations to calendar event detail pages.
  • Updates to ensure compatibility with newer server platforms.
  • Improved code standards to satisfy WCAG 2.0 (AA).
  • Style update to coming events plugin.


  • *New Feature* - Added optional captcha to the "email me" form to prevent spam and security.
  • Updated error checking on "email owner" interface.
  • Improved loading of directory maps on all devices.

ED Tools Data Generator

  • Updated new reports to improve usability of the new graphical charts.
  • Update to Utilities report to preventing loading issue.

Form Builder

  • Restored capability to hide empty fields when displaying form response summary.
  • Moneris Payment Gateway security update to eliminate page refresh resubmissions.
  • New default Payment Gateway option "Interac / e-Transfer" similar to Cheque with separate "Thankyou".
  • Update to error handling for amounts in excess of $999 using PayPal gateway.
  • Added SMTP account display when Choosing a Newsletter to send from the FormBuilder administration.
  • User Interface improvements for "Choose a Newsletter" list.
  • Update to user interface for editing "Birthday" field in a form response.

Job Posting

  • Updated to display a warning message if a site visitor attempts to directly access a deactivated posting.


  • GUI enhancement for managing listing images for administrators and listing owners.
  • Updates to listing notification emails:
    • Displays more listing information above the customer details.
    • Replaced Listing ID text with a convenient link back to the listing.
    • Improved email formatting with Title and Short Description styles.
    • Eliminated emailing of blank fields containing no data.

Media & Resource Library

  • Improved "podcast" mode to achieve WCAG 2.0 (A) accessibility standards.
  • Improved the library login screen to achieve WCAG 2.0 (A) accessibility standards.


  • *New Feature* - News Article URLs modernized using SiteApex URL Rewriting.
    • Ex: Previous URL: "¤tFeed=1&t=my-news-article"
      New URL: ""
  • Restored Mini News plugin capability to open articles on a selected news page.
  • Added the "read more" link to the featured image for mini-news articles.
  • Updated styling of the news image.
  • *New Feature* - Added cross module functionally so audio and video media library can be embedded in news article.


  • Update to Click Thru generator to support different variations of ampersands in supplied URLs.

Shopping Cart

  • New front end design upgrades.
  • Updated Product and Category export/import to support more fields, improve usability, and improved error checking.

SiteApex Marketing

  • "Popout Form" plugin" updates:
    • New mobile responsive styling for the overlay popup plugin.
    • Provided captcha support when submitting form in real time.
    • Updates to ensure the popout "X" is always clickable.
    • Update to ensure the popout mode on load trigger honours the cookie to determine if it should display or not.
  • New "Quick Links" plugin provides modernized interactive call to action visual elements.

SiteApex Control Panel

  • Asset Cleanup Utility: Restored functionality to top Delete button.

SiteApex Core

  • Improved the main login screen to achieve WCAG 2.0 (A) accessibility standards.
  • Update to restore View link on form response activity on Site Map landing.
  • Update to remove 404 requests to old admin files.
  • Upgraded Canonical plugin to provide consistent URLs to search engines for BLOG postings/categories and News articles.
  • Major upgrade to sitemap.xml generation to provide entries for Blog posts and categories, as well as News articles.

SiteApex User Importing

  • Update to ensure User Names are matched against the database correctly.
  • New feature to skip first row of import file.
  • New status report display at the end of user importing.