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Changelog Version 7.1.8
  • Ad Rotator
    • Upgrade to default rotator arrows.
  • BBS
    • Significant improvement to user security.
  • Blog
    • Added support for custom placement of the profile image on the profile view.
  • Chat Module - NEW!
    • Custom module now available that provides real time communication on your website. This live chat feature provides a secure way to do instant messaging right on your website.
  • Form Builder
    • New feature to store file uploads securely!
    • Added new date drop down support for editing birth date in the "Manage Form Data” plug-in.
  • Media & Resource Library
    • Resolved file size display issue which happened only in certain conditions.
    • Resolved issue preventing some files from being deleted properly.
  • News Manager
    • New support for custom placement of news feed title on article views.
  • Shopping Cart
    • Update to improve product association filtering.
    • Upgrade to generate product category and association filters more efficiently.
    • Resolved category featured display issue where a featured product wouldn’t display in specific circumstances.
  • SiteApex Core
    • New page template support for custom placement of a page's last updated date.
  • SiteApex Editor
    • Resolved Internal linking issue on an aligned image.
    • Update to editor file manager to now support uploading multiple files at once.
    • Resolved saving issue relating to when there was only an image or table inserted.