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Changelog Version 6.8.8
  • Ad Rotator
    • Update to support multiple ads, where next/previous buttons missing in some situations.
    • Update to handle missing ad condition preventing ad rotators from displaying.
  • Directory
    • Updated Short Description field label on add/edit item to be language system based.
  • Form Builder
    • Upgrade to support latest PayPal IPN processing standards.
    • New Feature: Registration form capability to set User Expiry Date.
    • Update to resolve additional field data saving issue in unique custom form situation.
  • Lead Manager
    • Updated a minor grammatical error in one of the default messages.
  • Photo Album
    • Update to resolve "alternate view" control conflict with other modules.
    • Major Enhancement: New Photo Gallery thumbnail display, when multiple Albums are selected on a single page the first photo from each album will be used to represent.
  • Security
    • Update to resolve email header issue when using the "Email Password" feature.
  • Shopping Cart
    • New UPS Rating API shipping gateway support.
    • New support for sensitive information in shipping gateways. Fields labeled as sensitive will not be viewable.
  • SiteApex Core
    • Update to resolve PHP warnings when adding a new shopping cart page.
  • SiteApex Fancybox
    • Improved Fancybox modal pop up code to be WCAG 2.0 standards compliant.
  • SiteApex Mobile
    • Major enhancement: New support for the directory module on mobile!
      • Real time search filtering.
      • Directions and calling buttons on view item.