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Changelog version 6.5.8
  • Banner Ad Rotator
    • Resolved minor view tracking issue.
    • Improved Internet Explorer compatibility.
  • Media & Resource Library
    • Improved "Folder Default Sort" in library admin to remember when "Custom Field One" is selected.
    • Resolved issue that sometimes caused file loss when "Custom Field One" default sort was selected.
    • Resolved issue where "child directories" sometimes would not display custom fields if the "parent directory" did not have any.
    • Resolved an issue with the library login, involving passwords with single quotes.
  • SiteApex Mobile
    • Update to resolve ordering when adding pages.
    • Update to delete mobile pages when a page has been deleted or turned off for mobile.
  • Security
    • New admin login tracking.
    • Improved coding standards in security system.
  • Shopping Cart
    • New payment gateway support for Blue Payments.
  • Template Manager
    • Support for new Twitter widget platform.