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Changelog Version 5.9.11
  • Ad Rotator
    • Resolved minor browser compatibility issue in the output.
    • New Slide transition.
    • Upgraded Fade transition.
    • New support for optional next/previous controls.
    • New support for optional direct link controls.
    • Updates to prevent ad blocker false-positives.
    • Upgrades to improve performance on slower computers.
  • Calendar
    • Resolved an issue in some instances where registration events are unable to store form data properly.
  • ED Tools Data Generator
    • Resolved an issue that prevented several electrical rate fields from displaying for "local electrical companies".
    • Resolved several minor display issues on three PDF reports.
    • Resolved a date display issue caused by migrating the EDTools server.
    • Resolved URL issue limited to Excel 2010 and newer.
  • Incident Module
    • Resolved server compatibility issues in the User Incident, User Location, and User Seniority systems.
  • Job Posting
    • Resolved a date/time issue that prevented job postings from displaying on the day they expire.
  • Message Center
    • Improved text for the number of registered users.
    • Added logic to hide unconfirmed form results.
  • SiteApex Core
    • New feature to automatically produce a Sitemap XML file when the site is published. For more information on Sitemap XML see:About Sitemaps on Google
    • New feature to automatically update a robots.txt file to add a pointer to the Sitemap XML file for search engines to find quicker.
  • Shopping Cart
    • Resolved a problem where spaces in the credit card number would prevent PSiGate from processing the order.
    • Resolved a problem where apostrophe characters caused problems with e-product filenames.
  • User Profile
    • Resolved a problem that caused the User Profile form to empty database fields for items (like website or bio) that were not included in the update form.