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Change Log Version 8.4
Banner Ad Rotator
  • New ad rotator system, using responsive design and much smoother transitions.
  • New administration options to make customizing ad campaigns easier, with new buttons and design elements.
  • New administration option to disable ad expiry on an ad by ad basis.
  • Update to resolve issue preventing PNG ads from resizing or working in many cases.
  • Added additional help icons to the administration screens for improved usability.
  • Improved "Number of ads to display at once" system to force different ads to display at the start when "sequential" order is set.
  • Improved "Number of ads to display at once" system to force max-width on each instance of the campaign, with floats to display horizontally and wrap as page size shrinks.
  • Added new statistics tracking to improve report generation.
Form Builder
  • Major enhancement to make the form display responsive to the container size allowing forms to look awesome on mobile devices as well as desktop where the container may be designed intentionally to restrict to the available space(3 column templates, footer call to actions, etc.)
  • New styling on the form structure to better handle fields with long labels.
  • Upgraded the “Thank You” display to be responsive with improved display text formatting.
  • Minor updates to address WCAG 2.0 accessibility standards.
  • Update to resolve conflicts between field unlocker and main spam blocker.
  • Update to resolve issue with spam blocker image not appearing on mobile site forms.
  • Update to resolve issue where language system was not applying to the form submit button label.
  • Update to resolve email formatting issues for email CC additional field recipients.
  • Update to resolve SMTP sending issue when the SMTP user name is not a valid email address.
Indexed Articles
  • New security tracking and audit trail feature for logged in users.
  • Advanced Admin reporting by User showing click trail, as well, reporting by folder/file showing most popular information accessed.
Photo Album
  • Minor updates to address WCAG 2.0 accessibility standards.
Project Module
  • New terminology for Categories, Projects and Countries. Now named Projects, Teams and Locations.
  • New ability for a team to have members.
  • New ability for team member signup using Form Builder integration.
  • New ability to set a fundraising goal amount per team member automatically rolling up to team goal.
  • New admin List Teams -->List Members function for managing team member donation goals as well as removing users.
  • New front end feature Team view ? List Team Members
  • New front end feature View Team Member Profile area, where visitors can see amount raised, donation goals as well a list of givers.
  • New ability for team members to update their profile on the front end. Available Profile fields are admin controlled by the “Update My Profile” settings in the Control Panel.
  • New ability to donate to specific team members.
  • New plugins to show the top number of fundraisers as well as the top teams who raise the most money.
  • Updates to resolve display issues when a Team is not associated with a Location and/or Project.
  • Updates to resolve List Team sorting issues in the admin.
Shopping Cart
  • Update to support custom placement of additional PSiGate response data in invoices.
SiteApex Editor
  • Update to resolve issue with image manipulation tools when file names contain an ampersand.
  • New feature to make images responsive (within a responsive design).
  • New editor icon to insert your embed code for google maps. SiteApex automatically will make these embedded maps responsive.
  • Update to make Page Layouts available to all editor users.
SiteApex Results
  • Update to resolve date selection issue on Work Performed reports.
  • Update to Google Analytics results tracking to show visits excluding referrals to better show real world results.
  • Update to Website Leads reporting to now view form responses by date range.
Staff Module
  • Update to resolve issue with default styles preventing staff photos from displaying properly in Safari and Chrome.
  • Minor updates to address WCAG 2.0 accessibility standards.