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Using PayPal on a form

To take a payment with PayPal on a form you will need to do the following:

Note: You will need a valid PayPal account in order to use this feature.

1. Edit your form and find the "PayPal Information" area.
2. Set PayPal to "yes".
3. Fill out PayPal Account with your PayPal username (typically the email address associated with the PayPal account).
4. In order to collect a dollar amount you will need to add an extra field to your form. At the bottom of the form edit increase "How many more fields do you want to enter" by 1 to get a new field on your form. Click "Next".
5. On your new field enter the name of your product.
6. Choose "User Enter Payment Field" or "Product Field"
   -User Entered Payment Field: use this option if they are to enter a dollar amount for a payment for this extra field.
   -Product Field: use this option if you have a defined price already. You can have multiple prices listed. Separate prices with commas.
7. Optional, you can force the quantity of your product otherwise it will show a quantity box option for the user.
8. Optional, if you have setup taxes on the page before you can select them here.
9. Save your form.