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Adding & Editing Security Groups

Security controls are found by clicking the ‘Control Panel’ menu item and then clicking ‘Security’.

Note: Security is assigned to the "Group” and not to the individual "User”. Once a User is assigned to a Secure Group they are given the security privileges of that group. An individual User can belong to more than one Secure Group and thus have privileges of all the Secure Groups they belong to.

Adding a Security Group
  1. To add a new Security Group, click on "Add Security Group" in the top right corner.
  2. Give your new group a name and assign editing privileges to the group if required.
  3. You can select users for the group from the list at the bottom. Users can be added to the group at any time, either from editing the security group or by editing the user.
  4. Press [submit] at the bottom to create the new group.
Note: To select multiple items from the lists, hold down the ctrl key while clicking on list items with the mouse.

Security Privileges
Privileges are divided into two categories: High and Low. This division of privileges helps the administrator understand the scope of the privilege when assigning items. High-level items apply to the whole website. Low-level items apply only to the specific area (webpage, function, etc.) shown.

Assigning low-level items enables the administrator to assign restricted privileges to very specific areas of the website. For example, one group could be assigned the privilege of editing only one page of the website and nothing more.

Note: Any users needing to log in to edit pages will need to have the High Level Security item "Backend Login" turned on.

Editing a Security Group
  1. Click on "List Security Groups" in the top right corner.
  2. Find the group you want to edit and click the [edit] next to it.
  3. Make appropriate changes to the group.
  4. Press [submit] at the bottom to save your updates.
Groups can also be deleted by pressing the [delete]. Please do not delete the default groups.