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Photo Album Upgrades We are celebrating the launch of our brand new photo album module admin.

  • New batch upload feature allows you to select and upload multiple photos from a folder on your computer in two easy steps. 1. select photos from your computer 2. click the upload button to upload these photos to your album.
  • Organize photos by dragging and dropping the thumbnails where you would like them to display.
  • Edit and delete multiple photos at a time.
  • Add/Update photo names and descriptions on individual photos and even add HTML descriptions with links and icons.
  • Edit the photo album to control how many thumbnails appear on a page.
  • Quickly identify which albums are on which pages of your website.

PLUS - Photo Album Front End Display Upgrades

  • New modal based image viewer has replaced the existing default popup window viewer, featuring a user-friendly interface with back and forward arrows that beautifully expands to the size of the photo and description.
  • Photo album description now displays underneath the photo album name.

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