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New Page Editor for SiteApex We are pleased to announce the launch of a brand new page editor in SiteApex. The new editor is streamlined to take up less space, features new icons and includes a new YouTube button that makes it a piece of cake to embed a video on your web page.

The editor has been built to work in all modern browsers, including Internet Explorer 9.

NOTE: Users of Internet Explorer will now have to press Shift + Enter to do a single line break as Enter will create a paragraph break. In all other browsers, Enter will continue to do a single line break.

To help you find your way around the first time, we have prepared a highlighted comparison of icons below.

Inserting YouTube Videos
All you have to do is go to the page of the video you want to embed in you page and copy the URL.

  1. While editing your page, click to place your cursor in the spot you want to insert the video in your page contents.
  2. Click the YouTube icon.
  3. Paste in the URL and set the size.
  4. Click [ok] to insert the video.

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