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More New Form Field Types We have added two new field types to the SiteApex Form Builder.

The new File Upload field will allow users to upload a file with their form submission. This is an excellent addition for those of you currently using the Form Builder to collect contest submissions. The new field also has its own mini spam blocker, which has its own set of configuration, to unlock the file upload field.

We have also introduced the Limited Single Choice field, which is a drop down field type that has the ability to specify the maximum number of times each option can be selected. For example if you entered "Pizza;5,Subs;3,Burgers;10" the option Pizza can only be selected 5 times until it will disappear as an option in the drop down. The max number can be altered at any time. This feature when combined with the event maximum signups can make a powerful registration tool!

We look forward to continuing to help you build a better website.

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