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Season's Greetings from SiteApex!
Site Apex
Season's Greetings from the SiteApex team. | December 24, 2010
Happy Holidays from All of Us at SiteApex!

As 2010 comes to a close, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on the year that we have shared. We have been so blessed to have you as our clients. Your insights have helped to shape SiteApex into what it is today and we are looking forward to continuing to work with you and for you in 2011.

Noteworthy Items from 2010

Media & Resource Library Module

A brand new module was added to every SiteApex account this year. The Media & Resource Library allows for easy storage and display of files and includes a built in media player view for audio and video files! Choose from two different layouts and two different colours to get the look that is right for your site.
Need help getting started? Visit our support site >>

Form Builder

The form builder has received constant attention throughout the year, resulting in numerous new field types to choose from when building your form. New on the list this year are:
  • Limited Single Choice
    This option creates a Single Choice List (above) but allows you to limit the number of times each answer can be selected. For example if you entered "Pizza;5,Subs;3,Burgers;10" the option Pizza can only be selected 5 times until it will disappear as an option in the drop down. You control the answers they can pick by typing them in the box below the field type drop down. Separate options with a comma. Options will appear on the form as a drop down list.
  • Title
    This option allows you to create a title within the form. Very useful for longer forms where sections should be clearly labeled. Use the "name" field to type your title.
  • Separator
    This option will create a horizontal line on the form. Use with the Title field type to organize your forms.
  • Comment/Notice
    Like the Title field (above), this field allows you to write notes or instructions throughout the form. Use the "name" field to type your comments.
  • File Upload
    Allows users to upload a file that will be submitted with their form. This is perfect for contest submissions that require a photo or other accompanying file. This field has its own built in security feature that requires users to unlock the field before uploading. Displays on the form as a form field with "browse" button, along with a captcha security feature.
Get details on forms >>


The Blog got a much needed overhaul this year, including the following features:
  • Logged in users can leave comments on posts
  • Comments can be rated
  • Posts can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, or other Social Media sites with the click of a button
  • Post URL’s (the link that shows up when you share the post) now show the post name in the link. This makes it visually pleasing on sites like Facebook and also helps with Search Engine Optimization.
Set up a blog >>

Ad Manager

The Ad Manager is an "add-on” module that can be installed on your SiteApex at any time. This year we increased the functionality of the Ad Manager to include an image rotation feature so you can easily create and manage slideshows with the option of having each photo click thru to a page on your website. This new feature creates a beautiful addition to your homepage.
See details and examples >>

Planning for 2011

From our  SiteApex development team, we look forward to continuing some aggressive SiteApex  development in 2011. You may have already noticed us ramping up in the last quarter of 2010 with several major releases and we look forward to bringing you more exciting features, enhancements to make SiteApex even easier to use and more interactivity with your social networks.

Some of the many things we are investigating include:
  • New SiteApex Editor - we are current researching the opportunity to upgrade the editor used throughout the SiteApex backend admin.
  • Google Mapping - plot points of interest, driving directions for site visitors to find you, anywhere an address is collected or displayed we are expanding the system with our new google api ready mapping functionality
  • Mobile Websites - iphone and pda friendly, new configurable options
  • Template Manager - giving you more control over module skins and layouts
  • Drag and Drop Photo Gallery sorting and multi-photo uploader
  • Replace front end pop-ups with cool new modal faded background look
  • and much more...
If you have any questions about SiteApex, contact your website or hosting provider for details or visit

May you experience the joy of the season in all its fullness and come back refreshed and ready for 2011.
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