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Pro Tip - Keep Your Website Fresh In a world of instant information, a stagnant website can really reflect poorly on your business. So how can you keep your website fresh when you donít have any time? Here are our tips:

1. Schedule it!
Decide how much time you can spare for the website each week, month, or quarter. Weekly updates can be quite small, while quarterly updates should be more substantial.
Put it in your calendar. Now.

2. Make it manageable.
The most important part of any goal is making sure it can be attained. You might want to send an e-newsletter out every week, but if you donít have time, start with a goal of writing a News Article or Blog Post each week.

3. Use helpful tools.
  • Do you have a twitter feed? Embed it on your website home page.
  • Do you use Facebook? Connect your website News feed so that it updates your facebook wall.
  • Use a Blog or News Manager to auto archive your posts.
  • Get the Mini News or Mini Blog plugins which will pull content from your News feed or Blog onto your home page.
  • Use an image rotator. Changing graphics on the website will make it feel more fresh. Plan to change the photos every few months.
  • Use photo albums. The new batch uploader makes it a snap to upload your photos.
  • Make sure hours and contact information are up to date!

4. Itís more important to be consistent.
If you donít feel that you can commit to a weekly update, donít start. Focus on doing one really good blog post, newsletter, etc. each month and your visitors will anticipate and look forward to your next update.

5. Call for help.
If you really canít find time, it might be worth hiring someone to do the updates. Look into web maintenance plans with your website provider.

Your  website is one of the most inexpensive marketing tools you have. Donít take it for granted Ė use it to your advantage.