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Media & Resource Library

Modules are managed though the Modules menu.
  1. Click on Modules in the top left menu
  2. Select "Media & Resource Library” from the menu on the left
  3. This will load any current Libraries and the Media & Resource Library Menu in the top right corner
The Media & Resource Library organizes media and files into folders which are contained in a Library. Your site can have unlimited libraries and each library can have unlimited folders and files.

Libraries can be added to pages of your website and can set up with different security levels.

Media & Resource Library Options
View Media Libraries: Displays all current libraries

Add Media Library: Allows you to add a new library

Setting Up a Library Page
  1. Create a Library and assign basic security (admin, public).
  2. In the SiteMap, add a page which will contain the Media & Resource Library.  Under "Type of Page”, select "Media & Resource Library" to allow the module to be added to the page. On step 2, you will be prompted to select which Library to display on the page.
  3. Publish your site.
  4. You can now go to your new Library page and login (right on the website) to add folders and files.