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Uploading New Users with a CSV file

1. Once you are logged into the admin area go to "Control Panel" and then "Security".
2. Select "Import users" in the navigation to the right.
3. You can choose to put the new users in an existing group or create a new group for them. Also you can choose what method the users will be assigned a password.
4. The next option is to upload a CSV file (Microsoft Excel) containing all the records. Make sure your CSV has field names for each column. When you upload one the next screen will ask which fields in your CSV you want to assign to the User Record Field.
5. The last option is to prevent duplication of users and will ignore an imported user if they already exist, check it off if you would like the importer to watch for already existing users.
6. Once it is finished uploading you can view the users by clicking on "List Users" and then select the group those users are in from the group drop down menu.